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[MoHA] Guide to Alliances

Day 1,990, 12:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Alliances Guide

In this article,I’ll be going over all of the current alliances in eRepublik.

CoT (Circle Of Trust)
Members : 15 (USA,Mexico,Switzerland,Belgium,Bulgaria,Japan,South Korea,Indonesia, Moldova,Chile,Lithuania,Paraguay,Peru,Macedonia,New Zealand)

Formed on the June 22, 2012,CoT currently has 15 members.It currently holds the most members out of all the alliances.

TWO (The World Is Ours)

Members : 12 (Hungary,United Kingdom,Thailand,Estonia,Spain,Poland,Slovenia,Latvia,Venezuela,Slovakia,Serbia,Montenegro)

Formed after ONE was broken up.TWO currently has 12 members.The eUK is currently part of TWO,TWO is ranked 2nd in members

EDEN (Erepublik Defence & Economy Network)

Members: 7 (China,Ukraine,Turkey,Greece,Israel,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Albania)

Formed in 2009,EDEN is the oldest running alliance in eRepublik.Which currently consists of 7 members,ranking in 3rd in members.Over the past few days both Croatia and Italy have left EDEN.

NaN (Non Affiliated Nations)

Members : 6 (Australia,South Africa,Malaysia,Cyprus,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia)

Formed in March this year,NaN is the newest alliance in eRepublik.Which currently has 6 members,ranking 4th in members.


Members : 4 (Sweden,Canada,Norway,Finland)

Formed in August 2012,Asgard is currently the smalliest alliance in eRepublik,Asgard currently has 4 members

I hope this gives you all a basic overview of all the alliances!

Thanks For Reading!

-FightAndProduce (dMoHA)

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Saiwun Day 1,990, 12:26

Hail NaN!

VojvodaDuka Day 1,990, 12:37

Very, very soon- I think- you will have to make changes to this article of yours 🙂 It's expected to Croatia and Italy join CoT, after them Turkey, Bosnia, Albania... For Greece and China, we'll see... In next few months, Great War is coming ("Winter is coming", hehehe) so it is crucial that in no way you do not allow independence for Ireland. They did not deserve it, anyway....

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 1,990, 13:03

You are missing Russia from COT.

Bohemond4 Day 1,990, 13:29

trial member...

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 1,990, 13:36

Ah, true. Still, that's practically being in COT nowadays.

Bohemond4 Day 1,990, 13:38

indeed, but if the information isn't ingame our lazy MoHA is lazy

I blame Cyg...

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,992, 08:13

I was grounded when FaP wrote this 🙁

Jimbobfrey Day 1,991, 00:16

The World is Ours o7

mwcerberus Day 1,991, 00:41

no CUT? or whatever it's called that one with Argentina and Ireland

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,992, 08:13

Missed an N from there 😛

AnDreIceCold Day 1,991, 03:42

Comment deleted

Maxymillian97 Day 1,991, 04:13

Hail Eden!

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,992, 04:07

Yes CoT and TWO might be going to war soon, but between us there's one thing we can always agree on. CUA members need a complete wipe at all points ^^

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