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[MoHA] Contest I

Day 1,914, 03:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Hello citizens of the eUK, this month at the MoHA we've decided to try and revive an old enjoyment of this nation, community contests! Some of you may remember a time in this nation's history when there was a community contest nearly every week, with prizes to be had for the top three winners, hopefully we can reinstate this seemingly lost tradition starting this week! If you're concerned that you aren't able to compete, don't be! Every contests is open to any and all members of the eUK community! Oh, and it's FREE.

So let's dive right into this week's contest topic:

Best Satire/Parody Article

The idea is simple, create a humorous mockery of any subject (in-game related), and post it as an article, then private message a link to the article to Mr. Katze, confirming your registration into the contest.

Winners of the contest will be announced next Friday, the twenty-first, followed by the next contest topic!

The prizes this week are:

First Place: 3 Gold
Second Place: 2 Gold
Third Place: 1 Gold

All entries are appreciated, and encouraged!

Best of luck!

This particular contest was privately funded straight from the pockets of your caring Ministers of Homeland Affairs, but we wouldn't mind the occasional donation to help keep you entertained. In fact, we encourage it!


GameChanger Day 1,914, 04:09

Come on, this isn't fair. By doing a comedy contest, all you are doing is sponsoring the Spamicans so they can go around and make more articles and.......

I forgot what I was upset about. This is a brilliant idea!

BigAnt Day 1,914, 05:37


FightAndProduce Day 1,914, 09:49

I'm looking forward to 3 great satire articles from Spamicans now.

Rfeist Day 1,914, 10:02

voted o7

Jimbobfrey Day 1,914, 10:31

This is a challenge - beat the Spamicans with a funny satire article. I can't wait to read them 😃

lancer450 Day 1,914, 10:42

Voted! o7

Sexagenarian Day 1,914, 14:26

I'm sure that this will take 1st place

Pom Poko
Pom Poko Day 1,914, 14:44

Dear editor of this article, how did you get the links to work like that with one image? Message me please.

Jimbobfrey Day 1,915, 02:58

I sent you a message 🙂

Strength and Honour

Jimbobfrey Day 1,915, 09:09

Nobody has entered the competition yet. Come on, you CAN beat the Spamicans. With a big wet towel.

D I W Day 1,915, 14:51

Been waiting to do an article on certain subject this would be perfect

D I W Day 1,915, 14:51

It is alright if i do the article on Monday?

Mr. Katze
Mr. Katze Day 1,915, 14:53

All entries are acceptable until Friday, February 21st.

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