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[MoH] New Donation System, Transparency and Statistics

Day 1,881, 09:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ayame Crocodile

Welcome to another round up from the goings on within the Ministry of Health.

It’s been a busy first week and a bit in the Ministry, Jimbobfrey has improved the NHS Members Tracker which along with the NHS Application form has been made public. And I’m happy to say you’ll see that this first part of the term has been incredibly successful, especially as all but one member of staff are new to the ministry.

Also these documents are explained further in this handy guidebook along with the day to day tasks of staff members and the minister:

Hopefully this helps give everyone a bit of an insight into the goings on within the ministry and helps go someway to improving government transparency.

So onto a few more bits of news 😉

Total Receiving Supplies 123
Required Health each Day 61,500
Cost (@ Q3 in Poland) £1,025

New Members (since 5/1/13) 25

Members who reached the level cap 2
Congratulations to Leon Wiganer and Sexagenerian for reaching level 30.

This month we'd like to try something a little different as a donation system.

We now have the availability of a Ministry of Health org. This means you can 'donate' GBP as well as food and instead of the location changing each month it'll go to a centralised organisation.

To do this you can buy 'food shares' by buying offers from the Ministry of Health in various qualities of food. These offers are set at various overpriced increments to enable anyone to donate to the MoH Org.

If you do donate to the NHS this way make sure to send a message to the Ministry which contains how many shares you have bought. A format of 1 x Q1, Total: £50 for example would be great.

The Minister of Health will then use the ministry to buy his own overpriced WRM to transfer the funds each day to buy food with.

We're hoping that whilst this sounds like a more complex system that it supplements the existing one and makes it possible for those not producing excess food to help donate as well, it is also a handy way to bypass the fact that newer players getting involved in the MoH don't have large storages for food donations.

As already stated though, You can continue to donate food itself in bulk, though for now it does need to be donated to Ayame Crocodile

Tl;Dr Version

Buy these offers from the Ministry of Health org (click images for links to the offers). Then Message the Ministry of Health org with a message like: #No Bought x Quality Bought = Total Donated.

Thank you very much to all who donated recently donated, It’s incredibly appreciated!

As always if you’re an eUK citizen and under level 30 click apply now to receive 500 energy free each day!

Thank you,

Domestic Vice President, January 2013


BigAnt Day 1,881, 09:40

nice to see TUP members helping this month with donations!

Well Done MoH

WayneKerr Day 1,881, 09:40

great work MoH


Rfeist Day 1,881, 09:45

Great work MoH o7

Saiwun Day 1,881, 09:47

Makes sense! Well done guys!

Saiwun Day 1,881, 10:00

Yay was i the first to donate?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,881, 10:01

Yup : D Congrats and thank you Saiwun ^ _ ^

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,881, 10:23


Btw, erep marked the link to ACroc as malicious.

Also btw, I updated the sticky on the eUK forums with updated info from this article. If you want it changing, poke me/a forum mod to change it.

Meghan Day 1,881, 10:31

BEST ARTICLE EVER!!!! I was so good I didn't even bother reading the rest of it. Floored me in the first sentence.

Aces man
Aces man Day 1,881, 11:15

A lot of the guys in the last roll of honor donated again recently perhaps add them in or link it. Because some of them have donated loads.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,881, 11:33

Why not just donate cash directly to the minister of health? In this system you buy food from the org in order to give it cash to buy WRM from the minister, in order to give them cash to buy food for the NHS...

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,881, 11:37

Yes that's true Danie, But I wanted to get in place a system that can remain in place and as a way of donating no matter who the Minister is.

It can become a bit annoying for those who regularly donate to have to find out who the new Minister is. But if you so wish to donate cash directly and let Jimbobfrey know then by all means please do ^ _ ^

lancer450 Day 1,881, 12:44

Voted. Great work MoH! o7

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Day 1,881, 17:20

Voted, great way of doing it.

Shame about our CP's comment...

FragUK Day 1,881, 17:22

voted o7

ArnoldDjin Day 1,882, 18:31

Very valuable...

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