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[MofCentrelink] My Approach as Minister

Day 1,882, 18:44 Published in Australia Chile by Vyrin the First

In this article, I would like to lay out two things as the Minister of Centrelink. First, I will explain the strategy I bring to my role in the cabinet. Second, I will explain what I have been doing in my first 9 days in office. I felt something needed to be said after the unfair and uninformed comments made in Callumh's podcast: Question Time, Episode 4.

Here is the summary for those who won't read the full article:
~ I have a strategy for the way I approach my role as minister.
~ I have made substantial accomplishments in my 9 days in office.
~ I need people to support my initiatives, especially Centrelink, and engage in more civil discourse.

Now if you have the time, read on:


~ I believe eAustralia is a great place to be despite the negativity that has been hurled at me from certain players since the start. I believe that attitudes toward new players have to shift, and I do not hesitate to point out bad behavior among experienced players. For example, just yesterday in ausrep, a player who shall remain nameless accused me of not doing enough to try to learn the game. Anyone who has seen my articles, comments, and forum posts knows I have done everything I can to try to learn this game. We cannot change negative attitudes toward new players until we realize that they do exist.

~ I believe the best way to engage new players is to tell them the story of eAustralia and to encourage them to get connected to the social network. Before I was minister I wrote articles on these points. For example, I asked my elders for a history lesson since the wiki articles were out of date. Also, I described how my turning point in this game was when, without any assistance, I realized the importance of the social network part of the game.

~ I incorporated these two points in my simple guide for new players. I again wrote this as a private citizen based on my experience, before I became minister. It highlights a bit of history and tries to connect new players to the social network before plunging into the gritty details. Old players complain that noobs don't read the tutorials so I tried to create a one article guide. Then there are complaints that we need more articles. Some are never satisfied, but at least you know why I took the approach I did.

~ I believe that everyone needs to get on board with supporting new players by simply communicating with them and by providing supplies, which you will see I am trying to do in very particular ways through my accomplishments below.

Nine Days of Accomplishments

1) Because I have been criticized so many times for not knowing this game, I have spent a fair amount of time in my first cabinet post just learning what goes on there. Any other cabinet member can verify that I have been active and posted not only in my own area. I do not support all the behind the scenes bureaucracy, but I am seeking to understand it first.

2) I have worked to try to understand the format of the DHS website, which is being updated substantially by Arcaian. This website has replaced all others as the repository of our education for new players, but we are saddled by an awkward and out-of-date format which we are trying to improve. However, anyone who says that Arcaian has not been doing anything does not know the volume of material he has added to our tutorials.

3) I have reached out to every single player who has signed up in the last 20 days by PM. I have sent over 70 emails as part of this effort. I have answered questions by email, as well as tried to stay on top of feeds, and other places where questions may be asked.

4) Even though I did not know what Centrelink was before I joined the cabinet, in just 9 days I have revived it and started supporting new players through it. It is really quite shocking that for over a year Centrelink was dormant. On top of that there was the equivalent of about $30-$40K of cash and supplies that was essentially lost to the government. This is now available at a time when we desperately need it, since even the MU's will not or can not provide consistent supplies. (Hence the CP's review of the DoD) I am providing an account of all transaction in Centrelink as well for double-check by the appropriate governmental authorities to ensure it does not get lost again.

5) I have a process whereby new players can be identified so that all of us can friend them and bring them into the social network quickly. Five players were identified in my first attempt, with hopefully more to follow. If you haven't friended them, do so now!

What I Need From You

First, I will not accept any criticism from those who aren't referring new players to Centrelink and the DHS website. If you promote these, I will listen to your recommendations. At the very least, subscribe to the Centrelink news! I will work on a consistent way to include this in our news articles.

Why? In Callumh's podcast episode, the restarting of Centrelink was overlooked. Mr Crumpets referred to my two posts on the matter, and then went on to suggest an idea which was exactly what I explained in one of the articles. Then they let TJ brag about a US MU having a donation campaign for new players, and didn't even mention Centrelink was doing that for eAustralia again. Obviously they had not read the articles they could see were out there! I can't help those who won't pay attention to the approach being taken, so I am trying again in a new way in this article. Show me you are supporting Centrelink and the DHS website, then make any suggestions or criticism you want and I will listen.

Second, I ask for greater civility in public discourse. We can have disagreements but they don't have to be so ugly. For example, Tim Holz in the same radio broadcast, "The ARP is a bunch of phonies anyway." Well, Tim, the ARP was the party that supported me and kept me playing in the face of such nasty and negative comments like you continually make. I am happy to take suggestions and ideas, but I can't do anything with insults.

I really do want you to understand my approach so that we can work together to build a stronger future for eAustralia. I believe it's possible and I hope you do too!

Vyrin the First
Minister of Centrelink



Callumh123 Day 1,882, 19:42

I'd prefer you call the podcast by its proper name.

Otherwise it is a good start to the term. There was no need to get personal though, TJ was just referring to the fact that they had a good working system in the eUSA and Centrelink was stated and talked about as well/

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,883, 00:05

Vyrin, for a first time member of Cabinet, and somebody that is very passionate about helping new players, which we really all should be, you have kicked in and taken on a full Ministers role as if you had been there your whole eLife.

Roboz and argi while not quite as active in their new roles now, did exactly the same thing, and irulez has taken to the Department of Information role like a dog with a bone. For a new player and those that haven't had many terms in Cabinet, I really could not be happier with everybodies enthusiasim for the roles you have taken upon yourselves.

Ignore the negativity, its more directed at me than you, just keep doing what your doing, and with the new eAustralia National Library going up more and more will get out from a communication perspective.

Callumh123 Day 1,883, 00:58

I see Louise the person who prides herself on her "integrity" can't help but make a cheap shot.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,883, 06:37

I did change the name to podcast, is that what you mean?

Remember, I have always posted positive comments about what you are trying to do with the show.

I don't think TJ and Tim are the best guests if you want the show to gain traction.

tafrihi Day 1,883, 09:10

Do you want to make your voices heard by everyone?
Do you want to be on top your article?
Do you want to easily get media mogul?
get more VOTE & SUB :

WageSlave Day 1,883, 10:19

Great job Vyrin. Keep up the good work 🙂

Arcaian Day 1,883, 10:39

I must've missed this yesterday, sorry - and thanks for the public shout out. I'm not planning on doing to much public stuff untill I've got the actual website ready, then I can start releasing articles. Just explaining to people why these "volumes of information" I'm writing don't seem to be anywhere - they're on the library initiative we're starting.

You are doing an amazing job for someone who has just started the game - don't listen to those who are downplaying it. Awesome work!

Binda33 Day 1,883, 19:30

Great job Vyrin!

Lord TJ Day 1,884, 00:35

Comment deleted

BOUD1CCA Day 1,884, 01:31

Rage quits goes to the US & sooks,
but cannot quite bring himself to leave Australia
where he pops up every now & then to spew his bile.
Huge ego, but so tender it collapses at the merest hint of criticism

And, I thought the podcast was Callumh's idea - have you taken it over TJ? So typical

Vyrin may have been playing this game for a shorter time than you, but he is 20X times the player & person that you are.
Grow up

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,884, 03:38

Louise Brooks
Former eAustralian who cried, left for eIreland but couldn't help keep bitching on the forums.
Cried about everything and now she's in a position to do something she's done - nothing. Not an article about anything of substance at all.

Actually Louise the podcast was a spin off of many shows including mine, Crowded House's and Adam's - so take your pick. Cal came to me about reviving the talkback feature of eAustralia and I jumped on board with Tim as co-anchors when asked - not that it's any of your business but since you're talking shit and all.

BTW - I reserve the right to smack down any noob who is a government failure and can't help to bring my name up. I did nothing to this kid and since he's been here it's like a sand fly buzzing around being a pest. If he wants to make this a thing he can stand up and come at me instead of hiding behind his government mask.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,884, 05:50

You know TJ your comments are so strange on so many levels:
1) I didn't criticize you in this article, just brought up your comment
2) I made no veiled threats
3) I never tried to be important or worthwhile, just play the game
4) The show started by criticizing the work education is doing, so I had every right to explain and point out the errors.
5) Despite your protests, you must take what I say seriously to get so enraged and write so much
6) If I'm not mistaken, you're the one who quite the government and the country = FAIL.
7) You really aren't going to get anywhere "smacking" me down

Sir_c0nstant Day 1,884, 11:51

Welcome to eRepublik Vyrin the First,

Its a he said she said, troll fest at times, wait until you actually do do something wrong.

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