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[MoFA] Update III

Day 2,199, 20:05 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

As we move closer to another term, your MoFA team is doing what most MoFA teams are doing. That is, predicting when and how a new alliance will emerge, speaking with other nations' on the matter, building and cutting ties, and screaming in confusion when an odd event shuffles up everyone's predictions.

As for now, we look on to the latest MPPs we've signed, along with updates on the world...


This ex-CoT nation has proven it's value as a loyal ally with cases like the US's battle against TWO. They are a military force to be reckoned with, fighting off invasions constantly over the past year, from Venezuela, Spain, Taiwan, China, and others. Since we started our friendship, we have enjoyed fighting for them against their foes, and are happy to continue building our relationship this term.


A powerful ally to the north. As most European nations have in the past year, Sweden has lost a large number of its citizens, but it remains a strong and proud northern neighbor, who has stood up to many ACT invaders, and even the empire of Poland. We share many allies, and even after being denied entry to Asgard, we still have enjoyed fighting for our Swedish friends. Our relationship continues to grow, and they didn't hesitate a second to renew our MPP this term. o7


Mexico has finally moved past the Spanish threat, as it focuses on Venezuela now. Bulgaria continues to fight off Romania while other European nations are fighting for their regions back from Poland, who has found themselves in a tough situation with the recent game updates. Iran and Turkey continue their war after Turkey's betrayal to the smaller nation.

Perhaps the largest surprise however, was the invasion of Peru by Chile. Chile, who was once Peru's closest and most powerful ally in CoT, claims that Peru committed treason on multiple occasions. The only evidence stated as presented for the accusation, was Peru's signing of an MPP with Spain during the alliance war. This is interesting, as many South American CoT nations had done the same before Peru. Most Peruvians believe that peace with Argentina was secretly planned for months, and that they simply need resources and an empire now that they cannot fight Argentina. Either way, after signing the NAP with Argentina, the nation invaded its neighbor and former ally. It is a sad day, and from the current looks of it, many other nations in South America may join Chile, leaving Peru to fend for itself.


Just over a week ago, we were asked to assist Bulgaria in a fight against its rival, Romania, in the region of Ruse. We were unprepared for major action, such as an official national strike, but we still responded and managed to hold one anyway for our long time allies. Bulgaria won the battle. Romania invaded and took the region again, which Bulgaria then successfully regained the region once more. They have continued to fight hard against Romania and Ireland has been glad to help when needed.

Ruse is the 5th largest city of Bulgaria, and the entire region holds a population of nearly 175,000. The city was once a Roman military port, and the area fell under Ottoman attack in 1595. The city became a part of Bulgaria in 1878, and was at the time Bulgaria's 2nd largest city.

The city has been very innovative for the country of Bulgaria, including Bulgaria's first printing office, first Chamber of Commerce, and even the first movie projection.

(Dohodno Zdanie, in Ruse's city center)

Today the city brings in many tourists to Bulgaria, and is admired for its beauty and unique architecture, such as Dohodno Zdanie and The Monument of Liberty.

(Ruse's Monument of Liberty)

It was an honour to once again fight for our allies in Bulgaria, and may our two nations continue our friendship in times to come. o7


Точно преди седмица, България ни помоли да ѝ помогнем в битка срещу Румъния в Русе. Не бяхме подготвени за голяма акция, като например Национален удар, но въпреки това ние се отзовахме и успяхме да направим такъв за нашите дългогодишни приятели. България спечели битката. Румъния нападна и превзе региона наново, но след това България успя да си го върне още веднъж. Българите продължават да се борят здраво срещу Румъния и Ирландия с удоволствие е готова да помага, когато е нужно.

Русе е петият по големина град в България, като целия регион има население от около 175,000 души. Преди градът е бил римско военно пристанище, а региона пада под Османско робство през 1595 година. Градът отново става част от България през 1878 и е бил вторият по големина град по онова време.

Градът е бил доста новаторски за България, като е включвал първата печатница, първата Търговска Камара и дори първата филмова прожекция.

В наши дни, градът привлича много туристи в България и е уважаван за своята красота и уникална архитектура, като например Доходното здание и Паметникът на Свободата.

Беше чест да се бием за пореден път за нашите съюзници от България и дано нашите нации продължат своето дългогодишно приятелство и за напред! о7

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world? We are still looking for more talent in the Irish Ambassador Program. We request that anyone interested pm Raven Anarcho, who is currently looking for someone to lead the program. We have also started our Diplomatic Corps, who will specialize in covert missions along with higher impacts and responsibilities on building relations. If you have been an ambassador in the past, and wish to continue your work or are a new player looking to get more involved in the game, we'd love to work with you. For more information, check out our President's recent article here.

Irish MoFA


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,199, 20:14

This update is so satisfying.....

NWOuroboros01 Day 2,199, 20:53

Maybe you want to help us against Chile 🙂 ... lets kicking some argentina lovers ASS !!!

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,200, 00:28

Well done Raven, this definatly deserves more shouts and votes.

Also, I'm sad to see Peru-Chile conflict, I like the both...maybe it would be the best to stay neutral there...

BeJIuKaH Day 2,200, 04:07

voted o7

Bhane Day 2,200, 04:08


Another splendid article.

klop123 Day 2,200, 04:53

MPP Canada

nimnul Day 2,200, 05:01


Mr Wilson
Mr Wilson Day 2,200, 05:02


Ryan Flaherty
Ryan Flaherty Day 2,200, 05:38

good info, I like the real world info on Ruse

any opportunity to kick Poland or TWO in the teeth is an opportunity to be treasured 🙂

Warmlion Day 2,200, 05:43


investmkd90 Day 2,200, 05:51


Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,200, 05:51


DANl1640 Day 2,200, 05:52


ba6tin4o Day 2,200, 05:53


Dimitar Ianakiev
Dimitar Ianakiev Day 2,200, 06:41


Bastundji Day 2,200, 08:01

o7 Ruse my hometown 🙂

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 2,200, 08:17

Voted. This is a great update.

AD31 the Highlander
AD31 the Highlander Day 2,200, 08:56


Great update mate 😉

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,200, 09:00

an eIrish in the right place. my vote

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 2,200, 09:13


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 2,200, 09:25

Voted. Great article once again Raven

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,200, 10:31

Quality Article. Bravo and thanks for the update

Draxel Day 2,200, 10:54

I love u! *3*

Juan Colorado
Juan Colorado Day 2,200, 13:44

o7 from México

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,200, 16:32


Brandon Runyon
Brandon Runyon Day 2,201, 15:53


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