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[MoFa]update cabinet-TWO-ambassadors

Day 1,996, 04:18 Published in Estonia United Kingdom by mittekemuis

Hello there,

First a congratulation for our re-elected CP Mixliarder and his cabinet.

Governor Dodo Moron

MoFa Mittekemuis
- dMoFa Prophet009

MoD Kjork

MoEd Rednas

Just a quick word from me as you MoFa this month. It is rather a strange month even for me as I am also involved in the UK government. But as our countries are long standing allies and I see no problem with this. As a result of that you will get the benefits of the input of a bigger country with a lot of ambassadors.

So what can you expect from me then.
I will be informing you about latest world events. I will try and do so on a regular base. But I would appreciate some help with this. So I am looking for ambassadors!
If You are willing to learn how a Mofa works not worried to put in a few hours work please contact me.

Main news
Goodbye EDEN
EDEN formally closed their doors on Monday. I think we can all respect EDEN for being around as long as they did. But after the recent departure of key countries it was inevitable that this would happen.
It will be interesting to watch MPPs signing over the next couple of weeks as to where the remaining EDEN countries will flow.

First dealings of the new Romanian CP. He has made a rather strong point in his country. Calling in a meetings with his fighters where he made a few remarkable remarks as to where to fight and not fight with the shifted alliance stands. A fair but firm message.

Last nights voting for the new TWO HQ has been done with the following result:
SG Talon Karrde
- dSG GregoryG
SC Fandarey
- dSC Mr.CaCkO
SoFa Kravenn
-dSoFa SmoothZiga

That is it for now!
Yours truly,



Mixliarder Day 1,996, 04:31

Comment deleted

Mixliarder Day 1,996, 05:10

Good job mitte!:

laurifederal Day 1,996, 10:40

"mitte" means "not" in Estonian. In German mitte means "centre". Mitten in English means rękawica? Ke is like Kes - who in Estonian. Mu is my in Estonian. Muis means Eesti Muuseumide InfoSüsteem - Estonian Museums Informationsystem. In sum: "Mitten at centre of my Estonian Museum Information System." Also "muis"-tend "mui"-nas means ancient, prehistorical.
So conclusion "Ancient mitten". or "Ancient gloves."

DoTa !!!! - Defence of the Ancients!!!
Tree of Life, Frozen Throne and Ancient gloves! 😃

Mixliarder Day 1,996, 15:17

"Mitten in English means rękawica?"
rękawica is actually a polish word, lol

kjork Day 1,997, 00:30

Comment deleted

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