[MoFA]To our friends and to our enemies

Day 2,664, 14:23 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Red Duck

First I would like to thank to everybody who fighted againist Hungarian government backed PTO. Especcially to leading figures in ex-Leto countries which supported us logistically. I will not mention exact people and countries because sometimes it should make their e-life harder and I dont want miss anybody. Be sure that we remember names and avatars.

Funnily, today at 00:00 we planned launch our RL Czech dictatorship. Maybe these preparations made Hungarians suprised and were factor why we have success againist much bigger country. In last 2 days I talked with various people including Slovak Minister of Finances Stileth and Hungarian previous CP (and todays wants-to-be-Czech dictator) AzurefaIcon. AzurefaIcon was realy friendly and smart person different from these guys with skulls avatar, so I wasnt sure. Government supporting dictatorship of friendly small neighbour asking for MPP was unthinkable to me and its probably new low of international politics.

One way or another, we spent big chunk of resources which should ensure our operation to today battle. If we would have not decided at yesterday evening that our people deserve fighting in day, we would maybe save our and PTOers money. It was miscalculation and I am deeply sorry that it costed us time and resources. To let make our loss more sweet, I got during day messages from Hungarian players who didnt agreed with operation and called its new government neo-nazi. I am not sure if its roleplaying or true, but embargo againist Israel (http://www.erepublik.com/en/main/law/Hungary/156725) or auction of stolen Slovak state organisations (http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/felvid-ki-dikt-tor-org-rver-s--2504160/1/20) made me to think that we are fighting also for real Hungarians.

One Polish respected player once asked me "Why are you not negotiating, why you Czechs allways fighting?" I negotiate. I negotiated with Polish MoFA that time and negotiated with Hungarian CP this time. For one was bad our MPP with Serbia, for another it was our democracy. We allways come to neigbours, get words of peace and cooperation. When they will come to us its mostly with gun. We have forgiveness and we respect players to want have fun. We were fighting with equal countries like Austria, Slovakia or Moldova to have fun. Why big countries cant do same and do not fight with its counter-parts? Why they took our neighbours Slovaks and Austrians not only by occuping them but by taking their governments and stealing what these small communities were working on for years? Czech Republic is now with big bossy Poland and Hungary only free country there and I ask why? One of theories of games says that game should be fun only with at equal players. Currently its more like playing Russia vs Egypt in ice-hockey, fun is where? At least Egypt scored today.

I would like now spread word. Please vote, share it, send it to your president, congressmen and MU leaders. We are asking for supporting our freedom. We will make dictatorship, rl Czech dictatorship. PTOers find in your heart something what was missing and support our effort as our allies and friends will do. Our friends and allies, make effort for independent Czech Republic to be international cause.

Red Duck
MoFA of the Czech Republic