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[MoFA] The Road Ahead

Day 1,934, 07:44 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

This Month, your new MoFA Team will be working on getting Ireland into an alliance. We intend to find all available and potential alliances early, start back up the ambassador program, give the people of Ireland a referendum, join an alliance, and maintain solid reports throughout all of this. It has been a rough journey so far, but the time has come to make a decision.

We will give a detailed timeline of which we hope to accomplish. This will allow the people of Ireland to know what to expect this month, week by week, and prepare accordingly.

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world?If so, the ambassador program might be for you. We request that all current ambassadors pm Raven Anarcho, who will be heading the program this month. We also request that anyone else that is interested in joining pm as well, with a list of preferable nations. Some nations may not be available, but we look to help out everyone as much as we can. We look forward to working with you this term!

Week One will be a very busy week, as we will be collecting information about potential and existing alliances. Next, we will release an article detailing each alliance option. At the end of week one, we will be preparing the referendum. In the referendum, Ireland will have the ability to choose either a pro-CoT approach, or a different alliance approach. It will be the last referendum for CoT, to ensure how much public opinion has changed and if the majority still object or agree to joining. By this time, a new thread will be formed with all existing ambassadors, and reports will begin to be established.

Week Two will offer the Irish people their referendum. After results are processed, they will be published for the public to see. We will either join CoT or allow the people do decide which other alliance they prefer. We will begin with the overall highest preferred alliance, working our way down the list until we find an alliance interested in what our great nation has to offer. Hopefully, more ambassador reports will also be published this week as well.

Week Three should be a much calmer week for Foreign Affairs. By this point, we should already be in an alliance or trial membership. If not, we will continue to work diligently until we accomplish this. We will also continue to publish ambassador reports, and work on improving ties with those whom we’ve allied with.

Week Four will conclude an end-of-term article, entailing the successes and failures of this timeline. We will conclude with further ambassador reports, continue improving alliance relations, ect.

We look forward to this term. Stressful as it may be, we hope to accomplish a lot. We also hope that throughout this process, we have the Irish peoples support. Here’s to a great month.

-Irish MoFA Team



MUFC992 Day 1,934, 07:54


Great work by MoFA team so far 🙂

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,934, 07:55


alexg737 Day 1,934, 08:03


BeJIuKaH Day 1,934, 08:09


Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,934, 09:55

The best of luck with this.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,934, 09:58

How many MPP's will be funded?

MUFC992 Day 1,934, 11:07


MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,934, 12:07

lol and where are we getting the money for them?

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,934, 10:57

"We will begin with the overall highest preferred alliance, working our way down the list until we find an alliance interested in what our great nation has to offer."

So regardless of how we vote you will get the final say?

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,934, 11:06

Once we've decided for the final time whether or not to take the CoT approach, we'll be talking with the people to decide the most-to-least favorable options left.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,935, 01:05

Please do not go CoT, they are a group of losers under the control of a couple of thug nations : (

MUFC992 Day 1,934, 11:06

Depending what people choose we'll start serious talks with alliances.

People choose proEDEN -> we start talks with Asgard, EDEN or CUA.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,934, 16:13

Asgard is not proEDEN.

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,934, 11:08

So we're not actually choosing the alliance or am I missing something?

columbia Day 1,934, 11:12

Elite C there will be a referendum and we will go according to what people will choose there

MUFC992 Day 1,934, 11:16

Two options:
1. proEDEN alliances
2. CoT

If we choose 1. we'll be looking to join some of those alliances
If we choose 2. we'll join CoT

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,934, 11:29


irishbhoy1967 Day 1,934, 12:05

Just saw 19 magpies guys.

Can we have a referendum to decide what this is likely to mean?

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,934, 12:10

Referendum on official eIreland-Corrie mascot. Tough one to call but Im rooting for my beloved Curly

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,934, 12:10


BOUD1CCA Day 1,935, 13:02

19 magpies is a portent of unanticipated pregnancy

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,935, 13:07

u srs? ffs not again ;_;

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,934, 13:09

As State Prior i bless this article with The Word.......

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,935, 05:16

Looks reasonably planned out.

You know how to make God laugh? Tell him your plans 😉

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