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[MoFA Report #3] Extended alliances and some news from eWorld...

Day 1,584, 19:03 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992

Hello Filipinos!

Today some news from our congress, turmoil around EDEN and Bulgaria and something about Indonesian-Malaysian war.

Our congress extended alliances with the following countries: USA , Croatia , Romania , Brazil and China .

It is official and confirmed message - Bulgaria left EDEN. For a long time there were tensions between Bulgaria and Turkey which was felt throughout the alliance.
According to the official newspaper of EDEN - in a result of the voting "trial membership of eTurkey is hereby terminated". Original article from "Voice of EDEN" - HERE.
Bulgaria officially announced secession from EDEN structures in MoFA newspaper (HERE is a full article). Although Bulgaria has signed MPPs with ONE countries, they declare to create a new alliance in the future and "till then we will sign MPPs with anyone willing and will commence a war with eTurkey".

Short notice from region:
Indonesia has successfully conducted a campaign in Malaysia. Although at the beginning Malaysia was able to defend Sabah (8-7) and even they attacked Kalimantan, Indonesia quickly countered conquering Sabah (8-0), Sarawak (8-6) and Peninsular Malaysia (8-3).
Therefore, any chances for signing NAP between China and Indonesia are lost.

kb1992, MoFA of Philippines



Mr_Pornstar Day 1,584, 19:18


Aersidius Day 1,584, 19:47

So, who's the 1 congress member voting 'no' on mpps?

ishabad Day 1,584, 20:26

Currently we are also looking into a land run though at the time only eChina seems like an option.

tolgaksk Day 1,584, 20:36


natcanheimann Day 1,584, 20:41


Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Day 1,585, 05:10

guilty : D i voted no for no reason 🙂

kb1992 Day 1,585, 06:07

I knew that somebody did it for fun : D

kdblitz Day 1,585, 06:36

lol ^__^

SaraDroz Day 1,585, 08:41

Hurts to see eMalaysia under the eIndo yoke again.

J Grey
J Grey Day 1,585, 09:48


Mr aNiallator
Mr aNiallator Day 1,586, 11:39


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