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[MoFA] News from across the sea

Day 1,849, 00:47 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

We’ll start with the recent whispers of a new NAP between Spain and Portugal.

On day 1847 Spain published an official article concerning the NAP question with Portugal.

“In order to improve past experiences where important decisions were made without regardless the population, we decided to create a inquiry/referendum to know your opinion about the theme mentioned.

Our main propose of this inquiry is to know if you are on agree with a Portugal NAP,

Must be clear, that this inquiry will have a binding character. What the majority of the citizens decide, we will make.

This NAP, emerged from conversations with both countries, with the idea of end a war that took months and don’t benefit neither one.”


Portugal gives freely Algarve, North and Azores
Spain gives to Portugal Castilla y Léon and La Rioja for a rent of 45,000 ESP monthly
Portugal compromises to don’t attack Mexico and Venezuela
Spain compromises to don’t attack Colombia and Argentina
If Venezuela is attacked by Colombia, Spain has the right to attack Colombia
Portugal compromises to don’t get involve on the RW’s open at Guyana and North Eastern Venezuela
If Spain decides to go to Asia it will negotiate directly with Colombia, and if they give an OK Portugal won't interfere
Spain won’t defend the RW’s open on region rent to Portugal, and Portugal won’t defend the regions given to Spain
Portugal will help Spain to move their capital from Galicia to Castilla la Mancha, with wars and pacted RW’s, between the conquest of the rent territories

“The government wants to make known that the rent of that regions is benefic to Spain, because it assumes a new income to treasury and the regions rent are repeated bonuses that we don’t need.

Signing the NAP we will have damage and time to attack others countries and get bonuses that we don’t have.

Next lines are about the poll, like the first one made on Ireland regarding the EDEN issue.”

The official article - [CONSULTA POPULAR] - NAP con Portugal
As a respond to the Spanish article Portuguese MoFA published the following one.

[MoFA] Statement about NAP

“Fellow portuguese,

Not a long time ago was launched an article of the Spanish Government announcing a referendum about a NAP with Portugal. I want to tell you that this Non Aggression Pact was on early negotiations, being discussed yesterday by both presidents on IRC.
Taking into account the above information, none of the conditions described on referred article are the official position of our government. Our plan for a military campaign is still up and it will be discussed today, as planned, by MoD, CP, vCP and the portuguese MUs’ commanders. The negotiations between the two government taking into account the resolution of this long conflict will continue and any progress, touchable and factual will be reported immediately to the congress, MUs and to the population in due time.”

The official article - [[MoFA] Comunicado sobre NAP

Portuege’s President explains the situation:

“The conversations with the spanish CP started last night on an IRC private chat.
At first we were trying to schedule a reunion to Monday but then we were talking about the currently and ended by talking about a NAP. This was an informal conversation only took place to see what both countries wanted.
Before talking to the congress, I still wanted to talk with Columbia and Argentina CPs to know their opinion. Unfortunately, the spanish CP remembered to do a referendum to the spanish people without any communication to me of that action. He wasn’t supposed to do that because the terms of the agreement weren’t established. Beyond that, the spanish CP hide parts of the NAP that discussed with me.”

The NAP would be like this:

- Portugal would give Algarve, Norte and Azores to Spain.
- Spain would give Castilla y Leon and La Rioja to Portugal in exchange for 45,000cc/month.
- Span wouldn’t be allow to declare war to Colombia neither Argentina.
- If Colombia attacked Venezuela, Spain could attack Colombia. In case of being Venezuela starting the war, Spain couldn’t attack Colombia, even if Colombia started to gain the war.
- Portugal won’t attack neither Venezuela neither Mexico.
- Portugal would attack the spanish capital at Galicia so that they [Spain] moved their capital [to Castilla la Mancha].
- Portugal wouldn’t be allowed to organize or support RW’s in Guyana and North Eastern Venezuela.
- If Spain want to use Colombia to pass into Asia, they have to negotiate with the colombians and only attack them if Colombia gives OK.
- Portugal will not defend RW’s open in Algarve, Norte or Azores and Spain will not defend RW’s open in Castilla y Leon and La Rioja.
- The NAP have a validation date of 1 month, and the next CP can decide if want to terminate or extend.

“Analysis of the treaty.

- Portugal would have 4 bonuses of food (+1 then the original) and 1 bonus of weapons.

- Spain will be unable to enter in direct belic conflict with Colombia and Argentina.

- By giving Azores, we will be protected of an eventual attack from Brazil or Poland.

- The NAP would give us time to organize and reflect about what we want for the future. Furthermore, is visible that EDEN is passing a rough time. Ending this war, we can be a surplus-value to EDEN and our allies, fighting at important battles for them and be one less country needing their help.

- We would be without possibility of attack, with exception via airstrike. But, isn’t our intention to attack anyone after we end this war with Spain. We aren’t in any condition to do that.

- The 45,000 payment is a con, but we need to understand that Spain won the war. They wouldn’t accept to swap regions like we drew with them. They only way of they giving us 2 bonuses (we stay in better position than the original cores) would be paying a rent. And 45,000 isn’t that much. In a single battle we spent more than that. I remember that in a single MU we paid more than 100,000.

Honestly, it looks to me that we don’t get any better than this. We passed from negotiating NAPs where we stood without weapons’ bonuses and allies weren’t included, to one where we have weapons’ bonus one extra food and we protect the closer allies of a spanish attack.”

Survey concerning EDEN
As you know a survey was held in Albania to leave or to stay in EDEN. About 65 % of citizens decided to leave .

I had a short talk with the Albanian President A E N E A S concerning the results of the survey.

To sum up, there won’t be any official referendum regarding leaving or staying in EDEN. Most of the voters are players under level 30, so they don’t know much about relations of Albania and EDEN, they don’t know how much EDEN helped Albania. If Albania leaves the alliance it will be deleted for a long time and there is no alternative alliance to join as CoT and TWO are enemies for this country.

Besides, the President is upset Ireland left the alliance.

The United Kingdom: Week 1

Talon Karrde finished his Presidential term off in style announcing that the United Kingdom would be entering the newly established TWO alliance. Made up of superpowers Serbia & Poland, the move was welcomed by the majority of the British public, with Karrde commenting that talks were on-going for three months. His term also entailed an increase in Government spending with the NHS qualification requirements being pushed further to level 29 & the introduction of a "Call To Arms" program that supplied all British nationals on request. Still, Mr. Karrdes presidency was overshadowed by heavy public fighting amongst various political parties, his IUP included, himself being criticized by members of the opposition for poor retention statistics on citizens that joined during the UK's population boom a few months ago & a lack of warfare. This months elections saw BigAnt, a member of the UKFP, beat Count Drakula - TUP's candidate & Talon's Minister for Foreign Affairs- by almost 100 votes.

(Junior Ministers in italic)
President Big Ant
Vice Presidents Gareth_L, WayneKerr
Chancellor Carlini
Minister of Defence Jamesw, Blue And Evil, BaskB, Pathogen, MikeCain
Minister of Foreign Affairs Frerk, Hury George, Elisa Vorimberg, 5butjam, JamesScarlet
Minister of Home Affairs Boer Charel, ApronChef, Sir Nick,
Minister of Health Aces Man, nathaner, ACroc, Fenraar
Minister of Legislative Affairs SageGoku

Some days ago the Romanian CP signed The Iron Agreement . Hungary offered to rent Bukovina for 70.000 CC/month and Romania eligible to rent Bukovina region to 07/01/2013.

That caused tons of insults and hates. The reason of buying an allied territory by Romanians is not the only one. As appeared they have some RL problams concerning Bukovina. Some Romanian MUs refused to support this agreement and promissed to help Ukraine.

A lot of Ukrainains have been disappointed in EDEN for a long time, so maybe after this acident one more leaf will fall down. Who knows...

EDEN even published an article concerning solving this problem and reminded its members that united they stand and devided they fall . We are definitely supporting Romania in their forthcoming war against Hungary, but if it means that we’ll have to face abusive actions partaken by an EDEN member against another EDEN member, our position will be clear: EDEN will defend with maximum priority the abused country.

Res Publica Pact

The Presidents of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania signed a pact with the. “In order to immortalize former glory which our countries had united and and in order to revive even a small part of it in eWorld, we are signing Pact between Poland, Lithuania and Belarus - main successors of Сommonwealth”. Details here .

Agreement between Poland and Macedonia

The countries declared that they wouldn't attack or harm each other in any particular way. Besides both governments will promote friendly relations encouraging military, political and economic cooperation.

Hope you enjoyed reading this report 🙂

The report was prepared due to
the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ambassadors:
Duarte Goncalves,
Fionn Mc Cool,
Nataliia from Galicia


Irish Foreign Ministry
Irish Foreign Ministry Day 1,849, 00:50

Boss report is boss

mittekemuis Day 1,849, 00:53

Voted 🙂

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,849, 00:59

65% of Albanians voted to leave 😮
You know you have PR problems when two of some of your smallest members vote overwhelmingly to leave. Particularly one as dependent on EDEN as Albania.

Uljanov Day 1,849, 01:01

Epic article!

Wildrunner Day 1,849, 01:02

Awesome article, very informative and well presented, kudos for you guys.

Wildrunner Day 1,849, 01:06

Fionn Mc Cool, many more countries would leave if they can find alternative, as Albanian CP well explained they would stay because they have no other choice, that's rather sad...

Also this article mentions about Ukraibne disatisfaction with EDEN but doesn't say about the Romanian one and the number of Romanians who hate EDEN already is quite large, in fact that's something that cannot be ignored for long and will have major consequences.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,849, 01:15

Why do the Romanians hate EDEN? Because they sided with the Ukrainians?

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,849, 01:28

" many more countries would leave if they can find alternative " , but sadly a good alternative can't be found in any alliance.

Good article, Fionn

El Senso
El Senso Day 1,849, 01:44

awesome article very useful,thanks

Sean ODoyle
Sean ODoyle Day 1,849, 01:47

Good stuff; I expect our MoFA to achieve excellence as we seek a new alliance to call home (and yes, there are no good alternatives, just non-fatal ones).

TheManiacBG Day 1,849, 02:01

Great article!! Vote and Subscribe 🙂


Jimbojoy Day 1,849, 02:04


Wildrunner Day 1,849, 02:05

Daghdha, actually there exist more options than being part of an official alliance there are many countries who have been allianceless so to speak for quite some time and still has worked well for them due to their own relations with other countries or even blocks of countries. there are pros and cons to this but there are also pros and cons to being part of an alliance too, so it all depends on the context and the country in question.

Wildrunner Day 1,849, 02:06

There exist many ways to play this game, even in the case of Albania it could work if it wasn't for the nature of EDEN to care more about punishing it's former members or allies than for the well-being of their current members.

Stilpo Day 1,849, 05:46

absolutely amazing work from this ministry

BeJIuKaH Day 1,849, 05:52

Voted o7

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,849, 07:00

Great work guys. eIreland will have the best informed citizens in the New World. o7

Arek9 Day 1,849, 07:12

Great article, vote!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,849, 07:27

Finally Ireland is working like it should!

I'm proud on you guys from Government! 🙂

klop123 Day 1,849, 12:12

Good stuff!

Dylanb9216 Day 1,849, 13:01

Paying for rented regions with national currency lol

Good article though.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,849, 13:24


Bigmike727 Day 1,849, 14:52

Excellent job o7

NorthAfricaCorps Day 1,849, 16:38

greetings from germany!

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