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[MoFA] National Ambassadors Program - Recruiting

Day 2,275, 17:05 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Dear Eire,

Today we will speak about Ambassador program organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland. If you like work in Foreign Affairs, the National Ambassadors Program is great to start. Ireland is a country that values their allies and our Ambassadors working with this premise. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland have proud of our ambassadors and will help them with councils.

International relations of a country begins within , the great Ambassador structure is necessary to increase our image in international scenario. Ireland is a great ally and many countries know our potential.


Last month we had many ambassadors, I want to thanks all ambassadors that worked. If you are an ambassador last month, you can keep working, just send a message for Rafaia. We are recruting new ambassadors, if you want be a ambassador send PM to Rafaia containing the country that you want work.


You will receive instructions on PMChat how you can work. If you have any questions always ask.


Don Croata
Country President

Brian Boru, irishbhoy1967, Pierre Dzoncy ,Rafaia, Raven Anarcho
MoFA team


Irish Foreign Ministry
Irish Foreign Ministry Day 2,275, 17:05

[MoFA] National Ambassadors Program - Recruiting

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