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[MoFA] NAP Negotiations with ePortugal

Day 2,106, 17:21 Published in Japan Japan by Squibeel

Dear Citizens of eJapan,

Exactly 7 days ago, me and our Country President were contacted by our counterparts in the ePortuguese government with the objective of obtaining a peaceful solution to our war.

The initial offer was:

Portuguese would keep Chubu, Kinki, Shikoku, Kyushu and Japan would keep Tohoku, Kanto and Chugoku.

Our CP tried to change the agreement by switching Kinki and Chugoku and also having Portugal pay a rent for the regions they were going to keep. The Portuguese Government quickly replied to our counter proposal by saying that our deal made it look like we won the war and that by how things are going that isn't happening any time soon.

Our CP added that our offer wasn't too far off to the base offer made by ePortugal and that the renting would be almost nothing compared to the future costs of the war in the days to come. At that moment the ePortuguese CP considered that we weren't taking the negotiations seriously and that he would much rather spend money on fighting than to pay a rent.

I decided to intervene on a more serious note and completely leave the rent topic aside and focus on just the regions that were being kept by both sides. I wanted eJapan to have Kinki and ePortugal to have Chugoku but unfortunatly, and maybe because of outside influence, ePortugal kept refusing that switch and the negotiations ended.

However, both governments kept an open door for possible future negotiations.

This pretty much sums up how it happened so remember that we are still at war with ePortugal. Keep it clean and keep it fun people.

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Squibeel Day 2,106, 17:21

first denied.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,107, 16:42

Japan & Portugal? Wait,NO!


Squibeel Day 2,107, 17:40

You clearly didn't read my article or you did and wanted to make your stance heard, either way fine by me.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,107, 17:43

Yes i'm. But till the end you said 'However, both governments kept an open door for possible future negotiations.'

Squibeel Day 2,108, 05:35

Comment deleted

Squibeel Day 2,108, 05:36

Future negotiations can involve so much, for example we can negotiate them leaving Asia for good 😛

metehan2010 Day 2,106, 17:49


ahava3233 Day 2,106, 18:32

I can understand where Portugal is coming from, they don't want to have to declare war on us and attack our crazy *** shields. They also want to get a continuous area so they can have their delicious fruit and fishies.

But yet again, besides nationalism, I don't see the point of this anyway; we get no resource benefit out of it, solely a larger congress unless we get them to take Chugoku from us first.

We're in a good position with a single region, I don't think we should change it for now.


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 2,106, 18:34

guess we'll have to show them how a mighty e-serbian colony fights 😛 /smartass

William of Edenbury
William of Edenbury Day 2,106, 19:19

Their shields are dropping and their friends will become less and less interested in helping their allies. Their position is deteriorating pretty quickly.

Zodiarque Day 2,107, 00:35

Thanks for the update.

Keep it up !

kowalski_afc Day 2,107, 01:36

I'm against any NAP with Portugal. Call me nationalist, call me crazy, but our core regions should be free.

If they asked from the start to rent them regions, i'll be glad to approve that as they are stronger. But, in the situation where their shield is lower and lower, when their army is moving around and fight for allies, i'm not quite sure why we don't try to liberate our regions. Or we already give up?

Squibeel Day 2,107, 05:56

This article is just to keep the population informed that we were approached by ePortugal to do a NAP but that it didn't happen.

kowalski_afc Day 2,107, 06:06

thanks Squibeel, i was too sleepy when i was writing comment 🙂

synhro Day 2,107, 03:31

Good job Squib..keep it up.

That was my suggestion all along..not the best solution not by a far, but the most acceptable for the time being. Now it's not the right time to take up arms seriously.

Squibeel Day 2,107, 05:57

To let ePortugal stay at no extra cost is to feed the ilusion that they will stay for a long time and we don't want them dreaming too high or their fall will be bigger.

Hitoyoshi Day 2,107, 05:30

The only interest to have many regions is the congress. So like it's nice, for the moment, with one region, we don't win anything with a NAP and give 4 regions to Portugal.

The only solution for us is to kick Portugal from Japan. They have only 3 regions and with the help of CoT and his allies, we can win easily. France win against Hungary with the help of CoT and they aren't in CoT.
So, like we're in CoT, it'll be more easy to have the support of CoT, isn't it ?

But the first step is to destroy their shield.

synhro Day 2,107, 06:07

The NAP is just a forced solution in regards to lacking support..let's not kid ourselves, until some major players of CoT are liberated we will be last kid in the block.

Unless there are some back alley talks I'm not aware of.

Hitoyoshi Day 2,107, 06:18

But currently, I think we don't need to have a NAP. Unless we want bonus.

Geezus Day 2,107, 22:52

We said clear NO to the NAP!

kowalski_afc Day 2,107, 06:07

tarasino Day 2,107, 07:41

No NAP for now! We have no interest in that.
A smaller congress is better anyway.

Geezus Day 2,107, 14:41

I promised that we will fight against Portugal. That is why I don't wanted to accept a NAP which is an admission of defeat. Simply too early to accept the NAP.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,107, 15:57


Geezus Day 2,107, 22:45

We said NO for the NAP!

Miyako Yoshika
Miyako Yoshika Day 2,107, 18:57


Geezus Day 2,107, 22:52

We said clear NO to the NAP!

Geezus Day 2,107, 22:54

We said clear NO to the NAP!
Please read the article and wrtite comment only after that.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,108, 03:12

Yes i'm. But till the end you said 'However, both governments kept an open door for possible future negotiations.'

Kitarou Day 2,108, 00:28

That a negotiation happened is a plus at least. However only a few would accept to share our regions with ePortugal, and rather want them out of our country, which, is going to be a hard task to get done.

Let's see what future negotiations brings! ^^

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 2,108, 06:54

when japan haded mpp wiht serbia it was a free country

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