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[MoFA]Meet the Cabinet!

Day 1,933, 14:34 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello and welcome to the first Ministry of Foreign Affairs article of the new term! As you’re hopefully aware of, Blue And Evil beat Sage Goku to become Country President of the United Kingdom by only around 40 votes. So congratulations to Blue And Evil and commiserations to Goku! It was an entertaining election and I hope the next month will do it justice. So, as is generally standard for the start of term, I have written below who is in this month’s cabinet!

Country President
Blue And Evil

Vice-Country President
Minister of Legislative Affairs (Prime Minister)
Mr Woldy
Ministers of Home Affairs (Education)
Prof. J Moriarty
Minister of Defence
Garth Lidlington
- Deputy Ministers of Defence
Minister of Finance
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Health
Cygnus X1

So now you at home and any members of any other country know whose hands the fate of the UK are laid in for the next month, if you would like to get involved with any ministry then I’m sure any of the guys above would love to hear from you!

Don’t be put off by the short length of this article, from here on out I will make sure all articles I put out will be almost tl;dr!

Thanks for reading, and have a good month,

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Foreign Office
Foreign Office Day 1,933, 14:35

Here's to a good term!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,933, 14:35


Bohemond4 Day 1,933, 14:36


XenthuS Day 1,933, 14:37

Good luck.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,933, 14:40

Voted \o/

Sisk Day 1,933, 14:40


Pfeiffer. Day 1,933, 14:41

You've forgotten to mention that Woldy is King, and you are all his loyal subjects.

Sir Edvard
Sir Edvard Day 1,935, 02:45

If Woldy is King, should not it actually mean that the United Kingdom is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy and therefore has no president? I think Woldy should be Head of State instead.

Pfeiffer. Day 1,935, 07:21

King is King. Always was, always is.

He needs a President to do the crap he doesn't want to do.

WayneKerr Day 1,933, 14:47

We already know, B&E put it in his article a few days ago...

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,933, 14:57

This is probably for linking to members of foreign governments; it doesn't have all the electioneering and waffle as to why each person was picked. There may also have been a few changes.

WayneKerr Day 1,933, 14:59

ah cheers for the info Daine... All makes sense now!

CptChazbeard. Day 1,933, 14:50

wtf is this?

WayneKerr Day 1,933, 14:51

MoFA trying to look 'active' I think...

Betafoxtrot Day 1,933, 14:55

Not that you'd know what that would look like : 3

Kravenn Day 1,933, 15:04

At least, he can write something, You signed on the behalf of eUK treaty between, PL - Serbia - UK and France and you were too lazy to copy-paste it.

WayneKerr Day 1,933, 15:08

I asked the guys present at the signing if we needed to publish it. They all answered NO, as the only reason we were on it was to protect us from French aggression. I informed Richard, and left it with him to publish details as he saw fit. Seeing as I had no org passwords.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,933, 14:54

You show this to governments in other countries so that they know who they need to contact.

CptChazbeard. Day 1,933, 14:57

I'm just looking at the wording and the 5 MoHAs. BA got attacked for having the same amount

WayneKerr Day 1,933, 14:58

...and how many times do the New Zealanders need to talk to the MoH?

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,933, 15:00

Yeah, that's weird - but you' wouldn't get an explanation without mentioning that in the first place.

Lord Reincarnate
Lord Reincarnate Day 1,933, 15:37

woldy \o/

Finway Day 1,934, 00:50

where's the queen? : D

Meghan Day 1,934, 06:45

Comment deleted

Meghan Day 1,934, 06:46

So...what happened now? Who's this loser Blue and Evil and why haven't I heard of him? I don't think somebody I haven't even heard of should be CP. RECOUNT!

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Day 1,934, 07:46

AHAHAHAHA,you should as he was active enough to be CP

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,934, 10:45

5 MoHAs??? am I reading this right???

Gh0strr Day 1,934, 13:55

Oh Yea Woldy PM and Ma homie GameChanger being MoHa , I like the sound of this cabinet 😉

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,934, 14:33

Betafoxtrot doesn't know what my username is?

Betafoxtrot Day 1,934, 16:45

Of course I do, I just have a unique humour that wished for you to comment about it and sometimes I like to do things so I know people have read it!

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