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[MoFA] Interview with Columbia CP W.A.R

Day 1,916, 16:10 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

Ireland recently had the pleasure of signing an MPP with Columbia. Columbia is an EDEN nation who has a lot going on. They are at war with three nations, have just had a huge baby boom, and just got wiped. You would think a CP of a nation like that would not have two minutes to spare. But W.A.R the CP of Columbia just answered a few questions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to allow the Irish people to learn a bit more about our new friends.

How did you generate a baby boom, you are now the 5th largest country in the game?

We have been working on planning this baby boom for weeks; we created a team to exclusively work on spam and getting popular RL Colombian webpages willing to post our ads for a low fee.

How are you going to keep the new players?

We have also formed a team that focus on mentoring our babies from the moment they join eR, it is a lot of work that requires a lot of people involved but is probably the most important one, they get our newbies trained in the use of IRC and several other topics important to them, additionally give them supplies thru our food bank to make sure they don't leave the game due to lack of food or weps.
Ireland just did a food collection for Croatian baby boom, what could Ireland do to help Columbia?

Right now we have a good stock of food for our babies, unfortunately we do not have the same stock of weapons for them, I am working very hard trying to secure a good stock of those as well. Since we are going to keep growing our population and expect to hit 20000 citizens by the end of the month any help would be greatly appreciated and highly needed.

Are your plans to stay wiped until right before congress or do you want to get back right away?

Of course we would love to get our regions back right away, but we chose to use the resources we have investing in our baby boom, we think it is more important to increase our number of players and help them grow as fast as we can, with that in mind we are working on strategies to get congress as close as possible to the limit date to avoid any over spending keeping our regions.

What other real life nationalities do you have playing the game in eColumbia?

We have some Argentinians and Uruguayans playing in eColombia, it is due to the close relationship that we have among the 3 countries, there are also RL Ecuadorians that play in Colombia because their country is not on eR yet.

What do your citizens think of EDEN (Ireland left and others are mad at support or HQ)?

Well, many of them want Colombia to leave the alliance, personally I think that it is time for EDEN to move out of the scene, its time of greatness may be over and the end of the alliance could bring some balance to the new world.

South America was quite for a long time in the game. Now it is the new Balkans, why did that happen?

Brazil used to be like a Brother for CUA (Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina) when they decided to switch sides, the whole subcontinent entered into a cold war, a nuclear bomb waiting to explode at any time, and eventually did when brazil chose to back-stab Colombia by allowing and supporting Spain to attack us, pretty much the subcontinent was divided in 2 groups that are now fighting to rule the region.

Who is Columbia best friend in the game?

Argentina and Uruguay, more than best friends we feel that we are like brothers, I would love to build such a nice friendship with some other countries.

Why are you at war with Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil?

Basically Mexico and Venezuela have been our enemies for a little while already, they found a military advantage against Colombia when Brazil decided to back stab us and help those two countries in their goal to wipe us.

Are you worried being at war with CoT and TWO at same time?

Yes and No, as we all know those two alliances control 70% of the world damage, it is almost impossible not to lose against them and of course no one likes to see his country wiped, but in the other hand being wiped gave us the motivation to grow our country in order to be able to fight back, so it has its benefits.

Some countries have real life hatred that come into this game, (Ireland was occupied by UK for 700 years in Real life), does Columbia have any of these enemies?

I wouldn't say we do, we have some rivalry with some countries due to sport competitions (being soccer the main reason 😛) but I couldn't say that Colombia hates any other country, not in RL.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let the Irish people get to know our country a little better.

Thank you W.A.R for taking the time to answer the questions. Two other quick notes. BB and myself are happy to have to great deputies working with us this month, Elite and Raven are doing a great job. The citizens of Ireland donated almost 100K of food to Croatia for their baby boom. There government wrote a nice article thanking us and France. Anyone who would want to donate to Columbia baby boom please send donations directly to me please.



J.P Morgan
J.P Morgan Day 1,916, 16:25


W.A.R Day 1,916, 16:34

SubPoleAmexera Presidencial!!

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,916, 18:43

voted, great article again from the MoFA

Mateo War
Mateo War Day 1,916, 19:57


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,916, 22:32

I like this W.A.R guy. Sounds like he's got some brains.

Thanks for the great interview Moo.

MUFC992 Day 1,917, 02:57

Hail Columbia! 🙂

Nice interview, keep up good work!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,917, 03:25

Got balls too

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 1,917, 08:33

Not to get nitpicky, but Columbia isn't a country...Colombia is though.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,917, 08:34


columbia Day 1,917, 10:12

finally someone noticed that,thank u xD

Tyler Jenkins Day 1,917, 08:35

Comment deleted

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 1,917, 08:36

Great interview, by the way.

moomoohead Day 1,917, 14:10

I cna not spell to save my life.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,917, 16:54

Good model for us 🙂

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