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[MoFA] I really like Poland

Day 1,808, 11:16 Published in Canada Canada by Jacobi
Poland is an enemy of Canada.

Before that, we were allies with little in common besides EDEN, before Poland was a critical help in retaking Canada from the forces of Phoenix, before that we were estranged former allies over the Swedish-German war, and before that we were allies again.

Our history with Poland is complicated, and probably would be more so had we been neighbors throughout. Recently, however, we have been neighbors and sparing partners, and there’s been a renewed sense of importance in finding out what’s been motivating Poland since “over there” has turned into “right here.”

I categorically refused to treat Poland as an enemy during the illfated Congressional NE proposal of the UK in August. Their actions were justified, measured, and appropriate: we had attacked an ally of theirs without any particular reason, and they weren’t doing anything better at the time, so they ended it. I could have treated the Polish invasion as a hostile incursion, but knowing their motivations weren’t to conquer, I intended on a policy of full cooperation. I made certain Poland knew where we were intending on NEing, and even offered some strategic help had they lost Saxony to cut off their NE path to Portugal so they could NE Germany to get back that region instead. I decided to be helpful, and cooperative….to a point. When Poland said that they wanted negotiations to keep some Canadian regions, I politely refused under the long standing doctrine that Canada simply doesn’t surrender. They accepted, were okay with us getting back on the map, and we went our separate ways.

In September, when we were on the cusp of an NE proposal with Spain in order to get the September missions, Wally Cleaver negotiated a TW agreement with Poland instead to allow us to get our missions. Having absolutely no incumbency to give us the time of day, Poland actually helped us RW our regions back. Certainly didn’t have to, but they dealt with us more than fairly and didn’t get near enough props for doing it in our media.

Now in October, we NE another ally of Poland’s, and once again not having much of anything better to do, Poland thoroughly makes sure that we can’t significantly disrupt Spain’s strategic objectives. This is what an ally does, this is what Poland should have done, and they cannot be faulted for protecting the interests of their close friends against a country that hasn’t exactly exhibited friendly behavior to Polish interests.

This time, having bore out Canadian pestering in the Polish sphere, the Polish Congress is determined to deny us a Congress to teach us the consequences of interference. Poland has every right to do so, just as we helped deny the UK a Congress earlier in the year so they did to us in October. And this indeed was an instructive lesson, because it does very effectively demonstrate that if we become irritating enough they will put and keep us down and have it quite within their power to do so despite our best efforts during the October 24 Ontario RW.

Now Ontario and Quebec are back on the map, purely because Poland has made it clear to the October executive that they have no intention of keeping Canadian regions, they have no intentions of consciously helping us take them back because this wasn’t a “scheduled war” but neither will they terribly mind if we NE them in order to get the Halloween missions completed.

My point is, for all of what’s happened Poland hasn’t been behaving like an enemy of Canada. Poland has been behaving like a perfectly rational country with its own interests that occasionally collide with ours. When they do collide, they have acted judiciously and reasonably within the confines of being a nation that has no real issues with us apart from an annoying habit of attacking their allies. My interactions with them as President and MoFA have been pleasant, as opposed to what I’ve occasionally received from “allies” and allies.

Honestly, I really like Poland, and it’s a shame that countries we have obligations to (Colombia, France, Portugal) put us on the opposite side of what I’d consider to be our most reasonable neighbor.

I suppose I write this because there are some impressions amongst Canadians that Poland is some sort of big baddy picking on innocent Canada, the sort of “those against us are always evil” mentality that doesn’t really have any grounding in logic or reason. Poland has been more of a friend to Canada than several of our “allies”, more helpful to us, more patient with actions that directly hurt Polish interests, and more willing to discuss issues with us. That attitude needs to be public knowledge, so that we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that Poland is some cruel invader picking on our helpless country.

Please remember, when any politician spews off on the topic of Poland, that every bad thing that’s happened because of Poland since at least July, has really and solely been brought upon us by ourselves.


William Steele
William Steele Day 1,808, 11:22

Well written.
Thank you for sharing all of this information.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,808, 11:30

Jacobi is a Polish apologist/sympathizer. He's also in charge of our Foreign Affairs. This is an unacceptable combination.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,808, 11:40

Now the question is do we want to be wiped by NEing Poland in order complete the missions? Or do we wait to get a boarder with Ireland and explore a TW with our friends. With Poland NE ing Sweden we should have a good shot at NFLD tomorrow. The Polish two clicker army will be working on the missions in Sweden.

Foxfire Day 1,808, 11:53

"My point is, for all of what’s happened Poland hasn’t been behaving like an enemy of Canada."

Absolutely true. If they wanted us permanently occupied we would be permanently occupied. It could be a lot worse.

Good article Jacobi.

Csaba Nagy
Csaba Nagy Day 1,808, 12:08

Great article ... i'm noob and i really don't know the history of our relations with Poland.
From this i can say that we need congress back so we can vote for our future!
Also i see too much bad choices and lack of organisation and priorities! we need to connect better and get back to IRC!!!

Christian Doe
Christian Doe Day 1,808, 12:14

I like the noob above me.

Great article Jacobi, thanks for clearly laying this out. The game has become so military focused that diplomacy has become undervalued. Gains made through cooperation are often greater than brute force and almost always longer lasting.

chewytaz Day 1,808, 12:27

Great article Jacobi, it is nice to see people seeing the perspective of an another country instead of making them the bad guys

Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 1,808, 12:35

I agree with all thesis here, in this article. Voted and Subscribed ofcourse.

Plainswalker Day 1,808, 12:43

What the hell are you talking about? I haven't read words with so much low esteem since our government last published a slime leaking text like this.
Grow some bwls, will you.

Rylde Day 1,808, 13:26

Regardless of how fair they are towards eCanada you can't argue the fact there an enemy. Many actions taken against Poland were also on the flip side on behalf of one of our allies.

Rylde Day 1,808, 13:26

Its easy enough to see both perspectives.

Uncorporated Day 1,808, 13:55

I'm curious as to how capable of a war machine Poland would be if they deleted all their multi-bot accounts.

Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,808, 14:07

Good article Jacobi, I didn't know our past relations fully. I still hope we only enter into a TW with any country whether it's eUK or ePoland to complete the missions and that we wait to RW NWFL & Lab. It would be good to let all parties concerned know it's a TW.

It would be good to keep going with our RWs and to only do an NE TW without any consequences from it. I'll be happy to see all of eCanada back as it seems ePoland has been here for a really long-time.

klop123 Day 1,808, 14:16

Well written! I do hope that maybe someday, we can be allies with Poland again.

MCA421 Day 1,808, 14:25

Pheonix had the best avatar's.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,808, 15:09

In the end, no nation is truly the bad guy, we are all simply different groups of players fighting for our own cause, not bad, nor good.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,808, 15:12


Best Frenemies Forever s2? Meh (;

Reasonable indeed.

Jaffle Day 1,808, 15:20

Good article. It's just a game, and they're playing it well. Why not?

Prince Lucavi
Prince Lucavi Day 1,808, 15:28

Good article Jacobi

Helldarr Day 1,808, 15:43


Oinyo Day 1,808, 15:57

Very well written post Jacobi. Voted

ASola Day 1,808, 17:34

Enemy is enemy. they are not bad guys, we are simply on different paths and we have to fight with each other, we fight not because we are good and they are bad, but we are enemies but not friend. as long as following the rules of this war game, everyone is fine.

the grinch
the grinch Day 1,808, 18:11

thanks for ther informative article. I have never heal anything against the poles. I actually quite like what they like doing... having FUN. What's life without an occasional wiping?

We should have a TW set up with them. Just let us be the attacker so that there is no chance of a region being taken over lol.

Plugson Day 1,808, 18:54

Well explained ~ thanks for the ample background info on our current situation with Poland.

The game has become so military focused that diplomacy has become undervalued. Gains made through cooperation are often greater than brute force and almost always longer lasting. x2

King Friday XIII
King Friday XIII Day 1,808, 19:30

So Jacobi, if I read the subtext right, you are saying we should try to join CTRL rather than EDEN as a long term solution to our "having no alliance" problem?

milestailsprower Day 1,808, 19:33


Flashgun Day 1,808, 21:18

In my opinion you took a very complicated situation and months of history and simplified it on the basis of Poland helping it's allies. You have allies and you have enemies, those labels can change depending on the situation in front of you, but when we look at Poland we're not allies and haven't been for a pretty long time. We're enemies, and our history is as storied as the one with UK.

Flashgun Day 1,808, 21:22

Sure we can agree on a few things diplomatically, but when you're continually at war with a nation then you're no longer allies, you're enemies. We took the steps to help our allies and they punished us for it to help theirs. Why are their actions correct because they helped their allies and they get the credit for doing so. We might've brought this on ourselves but we did so to help our allies against the enemies, don't forget that.

Flashgun Day 1,808, 21:26

When we chose to NE Spain we also did so justifiably and reasonably within the confines of being a nation that has no real issues with them apart from an annoying habit of attacking our allies

Jacobi Day 1,808, 21:54

You're right, this is an 850 word article that's a simplified version of a complex situation. There's enough dynamic here that I could probably write a thesis on Polish-Canadian relations in Erepublik.

The reason I didn't touch upon OUR motivations (which are defensible and justifiable and I'll defend them from a theoretical perspective and have before) is because they've already been explored in previous articles. What hasn't been explored is the Polish motivations, which is good to know 🙂

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,808, 23:06

good article, liked the historical background, but the polish are our enemies now.also trying to wipe our congress isn't understandable if your a canadian, thought i'd remind you of that.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,808, 23:09

oh and unfortunately your article did make you look like a polish a$$ kisser

Zappie Day 1,809, 06:33

This sounds to me a lot like those who try to rationalize their abusive spouse. How you can be supportive of an occupier regime, especially one who thinks they can just teach us a lesson anytime they feel like.

Canada should not ever kneel before Poland. We are better than this.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,809, 07:12


Verzus Day 1,809, 07:41

"Poland actually helped us RW our regions back" - They did that to take the RH medal, and to gain some gold on both side, simply coz they CAN. They did that for THEIR benefit, benefit of gold, not coz they wanted to help us...
"I really like Poland, and it’s a shame that countries we have obligations to (Colombia, France, Portugal) put us on the opposite side" - And most of ppl like other countrys, majority like those countrys more than Poland, so it is not shame that those countrys put us...

Verzus Day 1,809, 07:44

... on other side, it is sipmly a choice of majority. But it is a shame that you are talking like it is bad choice that we take allies of other coutrys instead of Poland...

Jacobi Day 1,809, 10:25

InsaneSkillz, they did not have to put us in their military orders and they did in September. That's how we got on the map so damned quick.

Besides, only a maximum of 10 Poles could get RH medals (and that's only if no Canadians chipped in) so I'm not sure your argument for why hundreds of Poles helped us in September makes sense. Beyond which, in absence of contrary orders by your definition we ought to be handily winning all our RWs now, which we have not been.

Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,809, 10:58

Tread carefully when dealing with Poland.

Verzus Day 1,809, 10:59

Do they have any interes in letting our land free? Dont think so. Why did they free our lands in first time? They teached us lession (like a parent spanking a kid to teach him something is bad). Why will not do it again? Coz we attacked Spain and we didnt learn our lession. Im not saying attacking a Spain was mistake. Was a hand in helping our allies, but that is other story...

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,809, 15:08

sure, and ePoland occupying the eNetherlands for some many months now is also just in Jacobi's eyes?

Emperor Rick
Emperor Rick Day 1,809, 17:15

insightful, Poland is not to be trusted.

Utat Day 1,810, 06:08


StaticBlaze Day 1,810, 10:11

A Natural Enemy is one that chooses to support your enemy and invades your country. Until their actions state otherwise, Poland is a Natural Enemy.... Bottom Line.

Canada is not third e-world that should be made to Bend-over and grab its ankles.

If they want to be friends they need to act the part.

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