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[MoFA] Global peace achieved? Not quite

Day 1,821, 22:14 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello there!
Okay so this is the second article for today. The reason for having two articles is mainly down to the fact that I wanted to show the world what our MoFA team has done so far but the article would get rather long. I prefer keeping the articles concise and easy to read.

So, what's happening in the world then? Well, that's an easier question this week than most weeks: not a lot is happening. The main events this week I would say are Argentina being defeated on many fronts, the end of the Training Wars with Germany and Belgium and Poland going to war against Asgard and the Netherlands, joined by Estonia on the Asgard front.

Argentina, New Zealand, Paraguay and Peru: a fight for survival
South America is never too boring these days, with the consta-war between Chile and Argentina still going on and the fight for survival for many of South America's nations.

Over the last week, we have been aiding Chile in their fight against Argentina. So far with quite some success. Chile have been able to win four battles so far, Argentina were only able to accomplish getting the Natural Enemy law in first after Chile's ability to start the war was bugged.

The war began around five days ago, after the battle of Hawaii, which was a resistance war and the battle of Otago, which was a direct conflict between Argentina and New Zealand. Whoever would win their battle first - Chile were fighting for the USA - would win the ability to start the natural enemy proposal first. After much tanking, Hawaii was reconquered by the USA. This should've, under most circumstances, cancelled the natural enemy between the USA and Chile. It did not. By the time Argentina had conquered Otago from New Zealand, Chile still had a natural enemy with the USA. Argentina were able to get their NE law in first, meaning they were able to attack first the following day. Australia proceeded to declare war on Chile at the same time. So it was just Chile on her own against Argentina and Australia. By this point, you'd think that the odds were not in Chile's favour. You'd be thinking wrong.

The battle of New South Wales lasted well into the night. Night time for the UK in this game is usually perceived as being the primary time in which EDEN would win battles, thanks to damage from China and North America. To show how intense the battle was at around 20:00 eRep time (4 am, UK time), here is a screen capture of the round, which saw Chile take the battle on the 119th minute after heavy tanking from both sides:

With Chile having won the first battle against Argentina and proceeding to ward off the Australian attempt to reclaim their land, Chile advanced on both fronts. They conquered Tasmania off of Australia, wiping them and proceeded to conquer Otage, Canterbury and Auckland off of Argentina. Norte Grande, an original region of Chile, was conquered by the resistance force. This opens up Chile's ability to attack more regions if they continue to have initiative against Argentina. Right now, there is a battle up for the final region of Argentina's in the Eastern hemisphere.

The battles against Argentina continue with Peru, who were able to liberate Southern Low Amazon from Argentina, again after heavy tanking. They proposed Argentina as Natural Enemy as a result.

Who are the nations involved?
Chile is an ally of the United Kingdom, we have an official alliance with them. New Zealand, Paraguay and Peru are also allies, however, we don't have any MPPs with them. Argentina is a former ally but is now an enemy.

Training Wars
The training wars with Belgium and Germark are now over. With the deliberate loss of Nordjylland to the resistance force of Denmark, the war with Germany is over. We have also signed peace with Belgium but resistance wars still wage on so get your true patriot medal while you can! The government are looking into more ways to keep us with a war.

The Polish conquest of Europe continues
Poland continues the offensive against EDEN and by invading Finland, they are helping out ours and their allies, Estonia after practically years of perpetual war. The conclusion of the war saw Finland wiped for the first time in a few months, if not years.

With that war over, Poland looked towards the west at The Netherlands, a member of EDEN. EDEN is and always has been our enemy. Most on the other side and some on our side see it as a war of pointless conquest against a nation that is many times smaller than the attacker. It has been seen as the continued purge of EDEN by exONE/TWO forces after months of perpetual wipe earlier this year. The war, despite some support, has so far been a failure for the Netherlands after only being able to win 5 points in the campaign. To be fair, however, they have so far done better than Finland.

A rather old map showing that Poland can, indeed, into space

The nations involved
Poland is our greatest ally and we share a MPP with them, which is an official alliance. The Netherlands is an old ally, turned enemy after their entrance to EDEN. Naturally, we are opposed to them.

Thank you for reading the second article by the MoFA today. This is our sixth article overall this month and we shall continue publishing articles for the rest of the month, as you would expect for a government department.

Thank you for reading,
The UK MoFA Team

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Lewis Cromwell,
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs


Wildrunner Day 1,821, 22:34

keep up the good job, I enjoy reading those articles, they are really well done, informative and all


War3hous313 Day 1,821, 22:42

great article!
Hail UK!
Hail Poland!
Hail Serbia!

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,821, 22:56

Well technically, when the UK was in Terra, EDEN was not an enemy, it was at least neutral of not allied. And even if, NL was an ally.

Apollon the Magnificent
Apollon the Magnificent Day 1,822, 23:11

nice one..
keep up the good work.

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 1,822, 23:17

a good read, as usual

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,822, 00:14

Poor Australia
Poor Netherlands
Poor Finland

Bullying is bullying no matter whether it's EDEN or SPoland

Niemand Day 1,822, 00:24

Some poor nations indeed.
Interesting read. Voted!

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,822, 00:25

Yet another Great Article! And although Poland has helped us many times can't help but agree with Malbekh... it's hard not to feel for the Finns right now.

lancer450 Day 1,822, 01:20


john GB
john GB Day 1,822, 02:42

Very interesting. Thanks! V&S

xenophob Day 1,822, 02:53

[eRepublik 1822] New titles Adult and Young!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,822, 07:13

At least it is 1v1 bullying of the Netherlands, we seem to have to fight off at least 3 countries at once each time we are wiped!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,822, 08:51

Lets not forget the fins were the warmongers, not ABC. I tried to mediate it at the time and they weren't having it, so it serves them right.

SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 10:26

Comment deleted

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