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[MoFA] For the Spanish citizens

Day 1,937, 12:25 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Ministry of Foreign Affairs BG


With the hectic battles these days and the other issues I had to postpone this article a bit. But it was not unseen or unnoticed by us.

The article is over a week old but it still stings 🙁

I won’t make this long so let me just say it straight forward:

- We have not tried nor are we trying to ally with eRomania!
- Our goal this far was to have good relations with eSpain and TWO. We try to respect and understand the best way we can.
- Our cabinet and me personally (because I was something like quoted) do not accept such lies, which only damages our connections and leads the spanish people to think we are some “evil conspirators”. We are dissapointed in Miniuns's words.

I won’t dwell much more in this matter as I am sure the spanish people will understand 🙂

As cool as it sounds to be this mega conniving evil bad Bulgaria, we are not 😃


Con todas las estresantes batallas que han habido estos días y otros asuntos he tenido que atrasar este articulo un poco. No obstante el hecho no pasó desapercibido para nosotros.

Este artículo tiene ya una semana pero aún duele

No desearía aburriros así que lo diré de manera clara:

- Nunca hemos intentado, ni estamos intentando, aliarnos con Rumanía!
- Nuestro objetivo es tener las mejores relaciones posibles con eEspaña y TWO. Intentamos respetar y entendernos de la mejor forma posible.
- Nuestro gobierno y yo personalmente (ya que se me citó) no aceptan estas mentiras, que solo sirven para dañar nuestras relaciones y manipular a la sociedad española para que piensen que somos unos "malvados conspiradores". Estamos muy decepcionados con las palabras de Mininuns

No me sobreextenderé en este tema pues estoy seguro que la población española lo entenderá

Aunque parezca excitante ser los mega trameros y grandes malos búlgaros, no lo somos.


На кратко- обвиниха ни , че се опитваме да привлечем Румъния в СоТ и че сме се готвили за война с TWO и само чакаме.
Не мисля, че желанието ни да не се бием с всичко живо по картата означава, че по този начин ги каним в съюза си.

Не желая определени страни да ни смятат за конспиратори и да се обръщат към нас вече по-плахо, защото си мислят, че лъжем, когато няма истина в това.

Пожелаваме приятна игра на испанците.

Относно другите въпроси, утре ще има сигурно 3-4-5 статии от къде ли не с решения, обяснения и въпроси, целта на тази е друга. Благодаря ви за вниманието.

Освен всички статии, утре “Паниката” ще направи дебюта си със самостоятелна статия от Външно. Надявам се да го подкрепите, както и другият ми Заместник, когато дойде негов ред.

Министър на външните работи


Vadisz Day 1,937, 12:45


epssia Day 1,937, 12:46


iYiJosse Day 1,937, 12:47


panzer I
panzer I Day 1,937, 12:51

беше обещано за днес, но какво пък ще почакаме до утре

Ivanherbec Day 1,937, 12:53

lol for spanish citizens and this is in english! 😃

V E G E T A Day 1,937, 13:02

не се отказвам и нищо не съм заделил

Minino. Day 1,937, 13:03


JAS0N B0URNE Day 1,937, 13:04

Чувствам се специален - написали сте статията на български, заради испански граждани като мен 😛

Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 1,937, 13:06

poor Bulgaria 🙁
its always misunderstood lol

Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 1,937, 13:08

poor but powerful... Money are nothing for us 🙂 Dont talk 2 much, or we will leave you without congress as gur gur and romania...

Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 1,937, 13:11

haha. You are delusional! This who Russian situation showed that you are nothing with out daddy Serbia and daddy poland.

Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 1,937, 13:30

Russia is our brother. No matter what the diplomates and cp say, we will help them... 🙂 Are we in Two? Why you are talking about Serbia and Poland? If you like your movie, continue it... 😉

Kpakpa Day 1,938, 08:26

Poor Hinrich Boll - always so stupid or just intigrue mode on?

Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 1,938, 08:32

that was a great response. stop showing off your intellect 😉

m60a3tts Day 1,937, 13:30


XenthuS Day 1,937, 13:42


Somwhere in Time
Somwhere in Time Day 1,937, 14:08

Дай ни Паниката - ще го разкъсаме, ще го зарием с камъни, каквото остане - ще ти го върнем xD

Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo
Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo Day 1,937, 17:25


Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 1,937, 18:13

o/ in stoichkov we trust

Cronos85 Day 1,937, 22:08

Comment deleted

LoganBG Day 1,937, 23:57

ще върнеш ли услугата?

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 1,938, 02:09


Surf Legend
Surf Legend Day 1,938, 03:57


Jervaj Day 1,939, 08:26

Good to know

Mr Akimbo Slice
Mr Akimbo Slice Day 1,939, 11:10

Hail Bulgaria!, Hail CoTWO! Mininuns,incompetente!

eDarkMind Day 1,939, 12:07

It´s good to know that everything was a misudertanding, our apologies for the error.
Hail Bulgaria!

A now focus, and go for EDEN.

Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 1,939, 12:48

liking ass... xD

odiseo2001 Day 1,939, 15:54

¡Hail Bulgaria! v

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,939, 16:48

Sorry Bulgaria forgive eSpain:(.

Camdrecot de Sagallum
Camdrecot de Sagallum Day 1,939, 17:36

Thank´s for this important article!! Hail eBulgaria!!! Excuse the words of Mininums!!

El Nejro
El Nejro Day 1,940, 04:07

Hail Bulgaria!, Hail CoTWO! and Hail stoichkov !!

Nexus36 Day 1,940, 06:39


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