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[MoFA] End of Term/April Ambassador Reports

Day 1,960, 22:23 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

In this issue, the Irish citizens and allies will be presented the following updates and interviews, along with a closing statement on behalf of the MoFA Team for March:

An interview with the CP of the U.S.
Ambassador: Biker2446
Official: Vanek26

An update on Russian affairs
Ambassador: Shadowfang

The MoFA team has had a pretty exciting term. To start I would like to bring up our first article, with our timeline of goals for this past month:

As you can see, we accomplished almost everything we had intended, loosely following the weeks that were aimed for. In this game it is difficult to plan anything ahead, but we did so anyway and were almost entirely successful in our aims.

-More MPPs than in recent terms.
-A referendum
-A ratification vote
-A trial membership in CUA
-A jump-start to our Ambassador Program.

On behalf of the MoFA team I'd like to thank the Irish people for placing their trust in us to get the job done. We hope that we did not disappoint. o7

Could you start by introducing yourself a little bit?

I'm Vanek26, CP of USA, longtime American MoD and numerous term SC of Terra, the old American alliance.

The USA are currently in the alliance Circle of Trust.
What is your personal opinion on the alliance structure?
How organized is the high command of the alliance?
How closely aligned do you personally feel that the UK is to the members of the alliance?
What are the major differences between TWO and ACT?
How closely does the members of TWO cooperate with ACT, compared to for example the TWO - CoT cooperation that has been seen the past few months?

The alliance is currently very disorganized, and needs some revamping.
I don't really pay attention to UK and ACT, so I can't really answer that question.

What is your personal opinion on Ireland?

Ireland is a honorable nation that unfortunately is stuck in an odd place with Canada, UK, France bordering it along with UK, so things can get stale fast there.

Would you accept Ireland in CoT if we asked?

We would accept Ireland, but unfortunately we are just a trial member still.

Over the past few months we have seen strengthened and more organized cooperation between Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, often referred to as CUA.
What is your personal opinion on the countries?
Within the countries, there are groups arguing for both making it a formal alliance, and those opposing it.
What is your take on that?
Would you like to see it being formalized into an actual alliance, or would you prefer it being more of a defensive pact?
How would you feel towards Ireland aligning to CUA, should it become an actual alliance?

CUA is just Argentina's answer to Chile-Brazil cooperation. Frankly, I don't see the point of Ireland joining it, all your priorities will be in South America constantly. CoT or Asgard would be a much better fit for Ireland. As for formal alliance or defensive pact, I think defensive pact would be much better. HQ's just cause problems.

Please state your preferred option.
(a) Ireland or Canada?
( TWO or CoT?
(c) Asgard or EDEN?
(d) Cookies or biscuits?
(e) HIV or cancer?
(f) America or anorexia?
(g) Russia or environmental hazards?
(h) BAE Systems or home made IEDS?
(i) Somali tribes or Tibetan monks?
(j) Space or water?
(k) Aluminium or cats?
(l) Me or butterflies?

(a) Ireland or Canada? Ireland
( TWO or CoT? CoT
(c) Asgard or EDEN? EDEN
(d) Cookies or biscuits? Cookies
(e) HIV or cancer? Cancer
(f) America or anorexia? America?
(g) Russia or environmental hazards? Russia
(h) BAE Systems or home made IEDS? BAE Systems
(i) Somali tribes or Tibetan monks? Tibetan Monks
(j) Space or water? Space
(k) Aluminium or cats? Aluminum
(l) Me or butterflies? You

Russia has been fighting China and Poland heavily recently. Despite owning multiple properties, both Nations are willing to return territories back to Russia.

The largest parties in Russia are currently:

Communist Party - Members:309 Orientation: Far-left , Totalitarian
Alliance - Members:168 Orientation: Center, Anarchist
Constitutional Democrats - Members: 167 Orientation: Center-right, Libertarian
Mason's Lodge - Members:142 Orientation: Center-left, Libertarian
Comrades - Members:136 Orientation:Far-left, Anarchist

As of April 1st, Russia owned the following resources:

Cattle via Ostlandet
Aluminum via Bohus
Oil via Trondelag

Russia is still technically neutral, only leaning towards CoT. They have sworn not to enter talks with TWO under any circumstances unless all regions are returned by Poland. The nation’s public, however, has had a growing interest in newer alliances. Many citizens have mentioned the US, India, and Ireland as a few favored nations.

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world? We are still looking for more talent in the Irish Ambassador Program. We request that anyone interested pm Raven Anarcho, who is currently heading the program. Although many nation positions are being filled up, there are still many more available. We look forward to working with you this term!


Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 1,961, 01:01

great article

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,961, 03:43

Up to your usual standards

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,961, 06:14

Excellent Raven...well done the MoFA team

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 1,961, 08:53

Great article! Keep up the good work.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,961, 11:33

Great work by the whole team. Interesting questions for the eUS CP 😉

MUFC992 Day 1,961, 13:41

Good job !

Strength and Honour

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,962, 12:08

Average FA term was average, needs more Chew and IB to show you all how MoFAs are actually meant to do a job.

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