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[MoFA] eIndonesia NAP with RoC

Day 1,807, 18:54 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia

Hello Fellas!
Wherever you are, Whenever you read this, Whatever you do

"Things are better left unspoken. But well, just say what you wanna say." - LarasDea

Hello everyone 🙂

For your information, eIndonesia and eRoC decided to signed the NAP. And now, it's my turn to tell you about what's on NAP :

You can see what we've set as a deal at that image. And it has been signed by both CP, Admiral Proudmoore eIndonesian CP, and Xenocryst eRoC CP.

This agreement can be extended if it's needed. So... Let's see what really happen in next few days 🙂

Warm regards,
Ms. LarasDea
MoFA of eIndonesia

Susunan Team MoFA Oktober - November 2012


1. Crow Ford
2. Rhiannon28
3. Rebondangwalisongo a.k.a Pengemis|eLITE,

Dan para Dubes- Dubes ku tercinta

Well that's all. Forgive all my bad words, if it does exist.

Keep Trying, Keep Believing, Keep Praying.

With love,

Contact me :
IRC Nick : LarasDea



MRizky Day 1,807, 18:56


Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Day 1,807, 18:57


Allea230112 Day 1,807, 19:02


Bopal Day 1,807, 19:03

Voted hard!!!!

Bong Day 1,807, 19:03

ah, akhirnya diizinkan china ya

Pengemis Utara
Pengemis Utara Day 1,807, 19:04


def0 Day 1,807, 19:04


Gullivers Day 1,807, 19:05

Cieee CapCay damai X D

David Romeo
David Romeo Day 1,807, 19:14


Rifqi the Great
Rifqi the Great Day 1,807, 19:51

We Want War!!

Pengemis Utara
Pengemis Utara Day 1,807, 20:21

Baru 1 jam sejak koran ini terbit, mereka udah ngajuin NE. xD

Dendi Uzumaki
Dendi Uzumaki Day 1,807, 21:12

Gak pp di NE juga, toh udah ada hitam diatas putihnya, jadi seluruh dunia tau watak seperti apa yang dipunyai RoC

neo_Ryan Day 1,807, 21:34


Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 1,808, 02:00

The consequences after breaking the NAP are too weak, they need to be more costly to the offender.

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,808, 02:13

Wih.. untung kagak lolos tu ne, kalo kagak repot nanti. xD

bin Titan
bin Titan Day 1,808, 02:18

Republic of China (Taiwan)
Proposed by WorkSafeBC, 6 hours ago

Indonesia has been proposed as Natural Enemy.
yang propose adenya TemujinBC?

Greatmoff Day 1,808, 04:26

This seems like a crock of sh*t. I admit you don't want war right now, but I still find this wrong. 'Future friendship'. There is no future friendship. ROC is EDEN and Indo will never be.

I thought Indo was on trial with CoT (perhaps I'm wrong) If you are however I would expect Japan/ROK to veto your membership seeing as you've just sold them down the river for your 'future friends' taiwan.

Just speaking as someone who has twice broken his campaign best in the last couple of days for you.

GadjahMadaa Day 1,808, 04:48

+1 Greatmoff..
Bring the eTaiwanese on.. let's play together in our home!!

Abdul Muluk
Abdul Muluk Day 1,808, 04:55

future friends. indonesia eden now?
screw you!!!

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,808, 06:41


eIndonesia currently facing two great enemies, its logical to seek diplomatic solution to prevent more enemies coming from our back. The way I see it, NAP is like a temporary truce since there no such thing like proposing mpp or "become friends".

Raihan Tatuhey
Raihan Tatuhey Day 1,808, 06:47

there is no such
thing like proposing mpp or "become
friends". YET

Greatmoff Day 1,808, 07:06

If you're wondering where I got 'future friends' from you might want to try reading the wording of the NAP agreement.

"This NAP is created based on the benefits and faith towards to future friendship of both nations."

Not my wording but the wording of the government's who signed it.

Dendi Uzumaki
Dendi Uzumaki Day 1,808, 08:33

If eIndo join eden or make a MPP with eRoC then i will join eSK or eJP and i think lot of people will do the same so trust your friend here my bro Greatmoff

LieChenZhou Day 1,816, 23:13

Don't worry it's just the standard politeness bullshit words Indonesians use everyday.
It's literally almost the same as "Yes, mom. I'll sweep the floor later"

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