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[MoFA] Dear Admins, it hurts!

Day 1,802, 15:12 Published in France France by Diplomatie Francaise

Dear Plato ,
Dear admins,

We want to express our deep dissatisfaction relating to recent Congress elections issues.

France is bound to Love and Friendship, but this month we were not able to help our allies as well as we hoped. Well, how could we manage that when you change rules everyday during money time? We’re quite-small countries, and like you do with players, you helped once again bigger countries.
What’s your goal? To have every single player joining big countries who will not want to fight against each other to keep their bonuses?
Please listen to my advice and stop adding countries right now, this is useless... ^^

As you may imagine, to help our friend to have a Congress needs a lot of organization, energy and resources. France can barely sign every MPPs we wants, so I let you think what’s going on for other countries. Gap is everyday bigger and bigger between players and between countries.

Your act is a total lack of respect to these countries and their players.
We all know that every country needs a Congress or you can consider them as quite-dead.

Today we stand next to them even if luckily we have a Congress thanks to our Friends.
Love will prevail, but right now, you played with these countries, and really...

it hurts!


& the MoFA Team

Très cher Plato ,
Chers admins,

Nous souhaitons exprimer notre profonde quant aux récents problèmes des élections aux Congrès.

La France est liée à l'Amour et à l'Amitié, mais ce mois-ci, nous avons été dans l’incapacité d’aider nos alliés aussi bien que nous l'esperions. En effet, comment aurions-nous pu réaliser cela lorsque vous changez les règles tous les jours à l'instant clef? Nous sommes des pays relativement petits, et comme vous faites avec les joueurs, vous avantagez à nouveau les gros pays.
Quel est votre but? Voir chaque joueur changer de nationalité pour rejoindre les plus gros pays qui ne se battrons pas l'un contre l'autre pour préserver leurs bonus?
Suivez alors mon conseil et arrêtez d’ajouter des pays maintenant, c’est proprement inutile... ^^

Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, aider nos amis à garder un Congrès nécessite beaucoup d’organisation, d’énergie et de ressources. La France a du mal à signer tous les MPPs que nous souhaitons, je vous laisse le soin de deviner lesort d’autres pays. Le fossée est chaque jour un peu plus grand entre les joueurs tout comme entre les pays.

Votre acte est un manque de respect total à ces pays et leurs joueurs.
Nous savons tous que tous les pays ont besoin d’un Congrès ou vous pouvez d'ores et déjà les considérer comme quasi-morts.

Aujourd’hui, nous nous tenons à leur côté même si nous avons la chance d'avoir un Congrès, et ce, grâce à nos amis.
L’amour vaincra, mais maintenant, vous avez joué avec ces pays, et vraiment cela...

nous blesse!


& the MoFA Team



Finway Day 1,802, 15:12

fakir savar < 3

Angell Roa xf
Angell Roa xf Day 1,802, 15:16

polesilla xD!

KOSOVA PEYONI Day 1,802, 15:16

Merci de nous avoir oublier 😃


Finway Day 1,802, 15:17

Albania can into Colombia : p
: ( < 3

killer2001 Day 1,802, 15:20

voted for fingay

Jerry Curtis
Jerry Curtis Day 1,802, 15:37

Mais où sont passées mes pantoufles?

Jerry Curtis
Jerry Curtis Day 1,802, 15:38

DTC denied 😮

Niemand Day 1,802, 15:42

Who to blame? Admins or the HQ?

ePocalypse Day 1,802, 15:49

Cry me a river. Didn't see many articles like this from your side when ONE countries were wiped.

ChewChewShoe Day 1,802, 16:00

I didn't even understand what you wrote

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,802, 16:27



Torfyn Day 1,802, 16:28

@Dan Moir : admins didn't invent new rules in the middle of Congress elections when ONE countries were wiped.

Lucifel Day 1,802, 18:22

We will stand by you always!

Vive la France!

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,802, 19:06

even though i know french, unsub because french are gay except for the occasion you try to hit on a chick

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,802, 23:49

Who to blame? Admins or the HQ? 2x

RaviMirza Day 1,803, 00:09

oh look! even admins country doesn't have congress as well..

Canester Day 1,803, 00:12

Arcelven Day 1,803, 00:35

Vote for eRomania o7

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,803, 00:57

i think its brother hood, when one brother dont have congress, so why do rest of have it????
i think people said eden is run by cromanians, but lets see Romania also dont have congress, so thats the real brotherhood.

prefetto Day 1,803, 01:05


Doge N7
Doge N7 Day 1,803, 02:05

Admins have to ne fired and changed, stop noobism on eRepublik team!!

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Day 1,803, 02:17


Sztandar Day 1,803, 02:36

Title suggest that France is a virgin, but what about the holy virgin Turkey?

ChiNyax Muad Dib
ChiNyax Muad Dib Day 1,803, 02:40

Article pour chimpanzés homosexuels.

Alexandrin Day 1,803, 02:50

voté !

PoliMax Day 1,803, 03:10

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU je me suis fais chier à lire la partie en anglais alors qu'il y avait une partie française !!!

En tout cas bonne initiative les gars 😉

elsyon Day 1,803, 03:25


azerky Day 1,803, 04:13


Mystela Day 1,803, 05:55

Dear Plato ♥,
Dear admins,

You know your game is in really, really big trouble when an iNCi writes an article & not one other iNCi comments on it!? O.O

cCciNCi Exodus?cCc

KittyKet Day 1,803, 07:31

lovely :3

ELw Day 1,803, 08:54

Be your pray listened !

Can we hope for an anwser ? Not much, I am frightened…

teXou Day 1,803, 10:36

Et en français (pas en google_français) cela donne quoi ? ... xD

MaxMaher Day 1,803, 11:42


Maegalodonus Day 1,803, 14:04

I' really have no fucking clue about the real meaning, intention of this article. I really don't.

It could be plain and simple trolling/retardation, and nothing more to it.
Or it could be some kind of irony about Da Bro'hood of EDEN. (cheers to Croasania's tourism in Thailand and India, or Turkey's vacations in Arabia, btw)

Maegalodonus Day 1,803, 14:06

Or it could be about blaming the Admins for some countries being retards and failers, for like years (Italy is perhaps the most obvious case) and will undoubtedly continue to be retards and failers for years with expected obvious results. Hail Italy, hail EDEN, Hail golds for a few tanks, btw.
Or it could be about ... fuck , I really don't know. Not sure I want to know, either.

Maegalodonus Day 1,803, 14:10

But the strangest thing is that Poland is not being blamed in this article.

That's the most worrying thing. A French article not blaming Poland for all of France's fuck ups and fails and funny situation over the years. Instead, it's the admins fault now.

Meh... people don't respect traditions anymore...

Maegalodonus Day 1,803, 15:02

Ok, so it's meant to be ironic/sarcastic.

You're too much turcofrench for me, Finway.

Aballistern Day 1,803, 15:13

Robocall Day 1,803, 16:21

@Maegalodonus: If you are unable to read an article and to understand the meaning of simple sentences, don't feel like you have to write something in comment. I'm sure everyone will be ok if you make your raging comment elsewhere. I hope you didn't meant to be funny because,well, it's not the case.

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,804, 03:36

You can blame Roflmania for that..

Raska52 Day 1,804, 03:53

On va encore se faire poutrer en réponse. Je le sens.

Fessti Day 1,804, 05:23


Drogon Day 1,804, 06:55

Nos alliés d'aujourd'hui...
Nos ennemis d'hier...
Notre avenir incertain.

It hurts ? Qui quoi où comment ? Des explications dans le détail ?

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