[MoFA] Cabinet of Germany - March 2013

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Dear eCitizens of eGermany, friends and allies,

this is our official Cabinet in March 2013:

President: BadMax
Vice President: Freiheitskaempfer
First Lady: Aniisha

Ministry of Defence (MoD)
Minister: n0s3, Slayer10, Freiheitskaempfer, Quentin Eisler
Apprentice: Brylx

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
Minister: Freiheitskaempfer, dermont, NeueN
Apprentice: EternalWalk

Embassy Coordinator: EternalWalk
Apprentice: MR11

Ministry of Danish Affairs: Maine Coon

Ministry of Finance (MoF)
Minister: higter, bernhardms
Apprentice: Versuchskaninchen

Ministry of Interior (MoI)
Minister:Kloppo, Kalif Batan

Ministry of Community (MoC)
Minister: NorthAfricaCorps, djnewdream
Apprentice: Mister Kirk, monstazzz

Commissioner for Newbies: Badass Dave

Poker Comissioner: omg_87

Minister of Propaganda (MoP): Phil Niedinger

Ministry of Tanking (MoT): reaktionaer, omg_87

Minister of Graphic (MoG): dead dreamer

Advisor: Topa

For all further questions to our MoFA team you may contact us in #ForeignOffice @ irc.rizon.net!

Offizielle Zeitungen / official governmental newspapers: