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[MoFA] Ambassador Recruitment

Day 1,845, 00:43 Published in Ireland Ukraine by Nataliia from Galicia

Dear citizens of eIreland!

As our President has already mentioned Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to set up an ambassador program again, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is recruiting players of different levels who are interested in helping us improve Ireland’s stance around the world this month.

As for your tasks. You will have to gather all interesting national news of your assigned countries. At the end of every week you will have to write a short report and send it here . Also, you will have to contact our MoFA if something important happens. Interviews with representatives of different countries are much appreciated.

Your hard work will be evaluated with a reward 🙂

Notice. It’s required to choose at least 2 countries.

If you are interested in this work, please, PM Nataliia from Galicia.

Current ambassadors:

Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands - Raven Anarcho
Japan, South Korea, China - Sean Power
Brazil, Spain, Portugal - Duarte Goncalves
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 13.SS
France, Germany, Russia - Abel McFinn
Moldova, Romania - The Death of Rats
Belarus, Ukraine - Nataliia from Galicia
The UK, Norway - Fionn Mc Cool
Finland, Sweden - Johnnie Rebel
Canada, Chile - Elite C
Argentina, Bolivia - Don Jesus
India, Greece - Sean ODoyle
Peru, the USA - Fineo
Croatia, Serbia - dalmatinac123
Turkey, Montenegro, Albania - Vernydub
Bulgaria, Macedonia - Severrus Snape

We are glad to inform you that BeJIuKaH will write great war analysis this term \o/

Join these great guys! Step up and help change your country for the better!
Let’s make the Foreign Ministry epic this month 🙂

Sincerely yours,
The Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,845, 00:49

Great Job

BeJIuKaH Day 1,845, 00:50

Voted o/

Klynn Day 1,845, 00:56


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,845, 01:47

Natalia Babilonia....can i be ambassador for alien lifeforms?

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:30


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,845, 13:58


Keep up the good work!

Stilpo Day 1,845, 18:04

Awesome start to an awesome term


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,846, 01:20


Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,846, 04:18

Great work. You already have some great ambassadors.

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