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[MoFA] Ambassador Program galore!

Day 1,823, 03:10 Published in Australia Australia by James Rellori

Hey again. Just a quick note to start off with. I have taken up the role of Minister of Defense while Flatty is gone. I will continue being Ambassador Director, But will not be doing the Ambassador to eMiddle east report this week. I have too much to do until Flatty gets back.


The Ambassador to eCanada is mzCielly

Unfortunately, no updated cabinet list is available at this point in time. I'll keep bugging them for it

Defense Affairs:

They've had a few RWs against Poland (and still have one on at the time of writing this, in Alberta).

The the Ambassador to eJapan is Mickskitz

Defence Affairs:
They have just regained 1 region (Kanto) remaining 7 regions Under occupation by Republic of China (Taiwan)

Foreign Affairs:
Shirobu is Japan's Ambassador to Australia
Oraizan is Japan's MoFA

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