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[MoFA] Amazing Race 2 - Goes International! Let's Start The Game!

Day 1,836, 10:31 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia

Hello Fellas!
Wherever you are, Whenever you read this, Whatever you do

"Things are better left unspoken. But well, just say what you wanna say." - LarasDea

Hello everyone 🙂

And right now, we already closed the registration of Amazing Race 2 - Goes International. Congratulation to all participant that have registered 😛 I conratulate you, because you will love this event so much 😛

Okay for the beginning, I will tell you, once again, about this game.

1. You will have to pass 15 levels. Each level have a clue. These clue, will guide you to the next level.

2. If you wanted to get the clue, you have to find the Channel Guards (CG). How to know if they are the CG? It's easy, every CG have "|AR" after their IRC nickname.

For example : LarasDea|AR

3. IF you have find the cG, you can ask them for the clue. Use query or Private Message on IRC (not in game) to get the clue. But, you have to follow this words :

"Hello. I'm (your name) from (your citizenship) had passed Level (your previous level) at channel #(mention the channel) and wanted to get next clue for Level (your next level)"

For example : "Hello. I'm LarasDea from Indonesia had passed Level 3 at channel #three and wanted to get next clue for Level 4"

And as the respond of these CG, they will only answer you with...

a. Sorry
If you got wrong channel, or wrong level on your format, they will say "Sorry". Or, if you're not supposed to be on this level, because you haven't passed the previous one, they will say "Sorry" and you're disqualified because you jump the level. Remember, you have to passed level 1 - 15
in sequence. Do not jump the level! Or you'll disqualified.

b. The Clue
If you're right, they will give you the clue 🙂 And please, do not ask anything further about the clue. Because if you do, they will say "Sorry" again.

4. And now you got the clue. Please remind that you can't leave the previous level before you're finish the game, or the time has ended, or maybe you decided to leave the game (i wish that you will not 😃)

And here's another explanation about the clue. Here's the example

The Clue : "It's yellow, round like a ball. Well sometimes it's bitter, or sweet, or sour. You want some? Let me squeeze it for you 🙂"

So with this clue, you will know the answer is "Lemonade" right? The next level will be on #lemonade The correct answer will guide you to one channel, and there will be CG to make sure that you're right.

The Clue : "I sing for a band. Maybe you'll remember me when you hear my partner, Mr. Hahn. Who am I?"

And by the clue, you will know the answer is "Chester Bennington" As you can see, the answer has 2 words. All you have to do, is go to channel #chester and the password is bennington. Remember, even if it's someone's name, the password will be with lower case. No capitalize at all.

That's easy right? And for all the participant, I will send you a PM on game about "something" that you have to answer 😛 If you're don't get the PM until one hour before the game started, it means, you're not the participant of Amazing Race 2 - Goes International.

Remember, we will start at Day 1837 on 04.30 eRep Time and do not come late, because we will end the game at 07.30 eRep Time 🙂 There will be no extra time fellas 😃

See you on Amazing Race 2 - Goes International \o/

Warm regards,
Ms. LarasDea
Head MoFA of eIndonesia

Susunan Team MoFA Oktober - November 2012

Head MoFA :LarasDea

MoFA : Crow Ford

vMoFA :
1. wali9
2. rhiannon28

Well that's all. Forgive all my bad words, if it does exist.

Keep Trying, Keep Believing, Keep Praying.

With love,

Contact me :
IRC Nick : LarasDea



woodward354 Day 1,836, 11:14

sukses yak buat acarannya

Ujack Day 1,836, 11:43

at what day? 🙂

LarasDea Day 1,836, 11:59

don't click the form 😃 but copy, and paste to your browser. blame erep 🙁 it won't let you to click it

and it's tomorrow, Day 1837.

I'll edit it 😛 sorryyyyy

dwardzz Day 1,836, 12:28

i'm gonna rock this race

AppleMan Day 1,836, 12:59

How is lemonade round?

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,836, 13:10

^ my thoughts aloud....

Eraclev Day 1,836, 13:37

Why my MoFA not send me message until now 😐

Si Barda
Si Barda Day 1,836, 13:41

Amazing Race 2 - Goes International
Ini buat lo Dwardzz yg dah balik lageee dan buat semua "obrolan" ma dea di Citos

woooo hoooo Gossipmaxxxx \o/

RyGnwn Day 1,836, 14:11

The Clue : "It's yellow, round like a ball. Well sometimes it's bitter, or sweet, or sour. You want some? Let me squeeze it for you "

Let me squeeze it for you
/j #booobies

imambonjol393 Day 1,836, 14:43

google docs ny ga bisa dbuka,,

GanciDS Day 1,836, 15:16

so if the clue is one word, the same word is the password for the channel, or will be no password?

mhifzan Day 1,836, 15:18

v o7

ngacay Day 1,836, 15:36

level 1 mulai dari mana nih?

DanielEsp Day 1,836, 19:52

Voted 🙂

LarasDea Day 1,836, 20:30

if the clue is only one word, there will be no password at all 😃

DestructionBringerMachine Day 1,836, 22:22

kak mulai dari mana kak

ngacay Day 1,837, 00:16

😮 baru nemu clue nya
mantep 😃

RaviMirza Day 1,837, 06:41

semoga sukses acaranya o7

P.s.Ukr. Day 1,837, 07:48


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