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[MoF] March report

Day 1,951, 04:59 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

MoF report, day 1951

Hello dear citizens, this month the report is slightly short as everything has been said before. Our accounting remains stable as you can see on the following graphic. The only loss is due to the program costs (250 000 cc paid on day 1930).

Our income remains also quite stable. The market is progressing; we are earning a bit more than the month before. But 3 mpp cost a lot.
On the overall the economy of eBelgium is average. It means that we don’t make profit or real loss. Some researches should be handled by the government and by parties to know if we should change our taxation or not.

One last word on the monetary market which is driving us all:
The market is quite volatile but it was remaining in a tiny corridor from 270 to 290 cc. People who would have been playing the MM game would have won a lot of cc by buying golds when prices were fewer than 280 and selling them over. As we can see the last additions reduced again the value of gold. The perspective of a goldmine pushed the prices down… And the combat stash (rl buying) pushed it a bit further. It is a new MM reality, therefore a new game. But I would take this new lowest price as the new lower bond for a new corridor.

Have a nice Sunday,
Best regards,



Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 1,951, 05:23

"The only loss is due to the program costs (250 000 cc paid on day 1930)."

Don't blame me !

JdlF Day 1,951, 16:56

You little .. 😉 No it's normal... And we don't have to be in positive these days...

Alexandross Day 1,951, 12:33

Nice! Thanks for the article!

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,952, 04:52

Always an interesting read.

Ely.nea Day 1,952, 05:33

merci !

Olv007 Day 1,955, 12:40

Voted ! Nice work !

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