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[MoF] - January Report 3: Closing Balance

Day 1,905, 23:56 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

January Term:

Report 1:
Report 2:

Hello all,

Welcome to the last MoF report of the January Term. Nothing much exciting has happened in the last half of this term at all. The only changes to the last report will be the supplying that was missed off the last one along with the remains of the CtA scheme. There were quite a few more times we supplied since then and bills continued to flow in for damage from people who I hadn't spoke to about the supplying for a bit.

While the total negative has been shouted around a bit during this presidential campaign please do not forget that we still have a stock of tanks. Just over ¾ were used, we still have a good 4800 tanks left to do with what we wish! I will be talking to the winner of the election hopefully today (WOW It is close!) so they can decide what they want to do with it. *Cough* Start the MU League finally *Cough*

You will also notice that MM profit has not gone up since the last report. That is because the decision was made to pull the cash from the market and has not yet been made to put it back on. Again, I will be discussing this with the winner when they get a chance and their hearts start working properly again after this nail biter. Remember that the MM completely crashed, some people I know who want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons lost upwards of 200k during the crash so the motto of “play it safe” came in handy when using the MM.

Before we go to the images, last report I asked if anyone wanted to jaz up my images and make them look better for the whole eCountry. Now Emergy was nice enough to offer his services for this, however I completely forgot so I am sorry all! You have to suffer through another gdoc horribleness 😃


Firstly, the expenses. As you can see 280k was spent on supplying battles and buying a large reserve of Q7 tanks. As already mentioned, we still have a lot of these tanks left in the reserve. This is not quite the expenses we had last month, but still goes to show that lots of war, almost regardless of which country we are fighting, is still going to be expensive. Norway may not be as high priority to Eden as Portugal but they still got quite a bit of support early on. Lately however I have not had any bills regarding supplying as we can hold the regions fairly easily, even when the Dutch plan a secret attack.

CtA was halted recently. I like the merit of CtA, however after the drop in tanks people seemed to lose a bit of interest, free tanks are free tanks so I can only imagine people felt the drop was unjustified or just not worth their time now.

Where is our Cash?

Again, a terri-bad picture to show you where our cash currently sits. When it says “In MM” it simply means on the Orgs that I use for the MM. So the cash is currently just sitting in the orgs normally in 50k bundles waiting to be invested (possibly in the next few hours) when the CP gives me the green light, well if I get the green light that is! You are always able to see this yourself, for example:

An Org:

You can see the 50k on the org there. If you go back and it says zero, either we have had to spend the cash because of whatever reason or it is invest in the MM, when the cash is on the MM you can’t actually see if via the profile. You can however find all the offers directly on the MM but that would take forever to look through all the pages 😃

As you can see, we have had another expensive month, this one without quite the drama of the last but we did have relatively easy spending come the end of the term.

Myself and BigAnt had a rocky start to my two terms under him, there was a bit of a trust issue which originally held both of us back and hurt our original friendship a bit. However I am happy to say we got past it all and I would like to thank BigAnt for the two terms I had under him. We may have spent quite a lot but I am sure all of you have a much bigger True Patriot total now! (/insert foreign fag-ness joke here).

If you would like to have a look at our taxes, a fairly accurate representation can be found here:

it does seem to bug a few days, however you can tell when it does, we clearly didn’t make 19k tax 6 days ago!

Looking Forward:

I am happy to say that it looks like I will be MoF again. Both Butjam and Rfeist selected me as their candidate and I have spoken to both of them briefly about what they will be doing and it does look like a month of saving which does seem like it is needed.

I am always looking to add more things to what the MoF offers and with enthusiastic help this month I am sure I can make it happen.

Here are some things I am looking forward to:

A comparison of spending for the last 4 terms I have resided over.
An investment program for the eUK Citizen (If we start investing on the MM again)
Looking into the training ground offer with the CP
A report whenever something exciting happens!

Thank you for reading my jibber jabber everyone, it is now time to tune back in to this nail biting finish and see who takes the victory.



Chemical Chaos
Chemical Chaos Day 1,905, 00:08

so if i'm reading that right its a 10% drop in the capital we held at the start of last month, i'm guessing with the MM the way it currently is that could possibly be recovered in the next few months (provided the MM stabilises)

as usual its a nice report and a great job you are doing as MoF

lancer450 Day 1,905, 00:26

Nice report. Great job! o7

nicely done

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,905, 10:46

War is fun, but when times are good we can't afford a 10% drop of our reserves every term. Interested to see your term comparison report - keep up the good work!

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,906, 09:28


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