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[MoF] Final Report

Day 2,024, 13:42 Published in Japan Serbia by Rik Daphnee

Hello eNippon!

This is our final article for May. Probably we’ll continue to work next month. I hope that June will be more successful than May for this Ministry. Our main goal was to set the ground for the coming months, and we did it.

We posted some goal at the beginning of this mandate, and now we will check them... In this article, you will be able to see some statistics mostly about our income this month.

Our goals at the beginning of mandate were:

- Stabilize market
- Increase the money income to our treasury
- Make a profit from MM and organizations
- Provide money to other ministries

Stabilize market

We were focused on weapons, mostly quality 7. We tried to provide cheap weapons to our citizens, and I think that we did it successfully. Our citizens were able to buy cheap products without moving to another country or finding trust seller on black market. More than 13.000 q7 weapons were sold, and little over 18.000 food units. We’ve bought products for more than 92.000 yen and at the end of this term 3.500 yen have gone to our treasury directly from selling these products on our market and paying proper taxes. I’d like to mention that no country money was used for these transactions. Money was provided solely from personal donations.

Increase the money income to our treasury

This goal is a little linked with previous one, or previous one is linked to this. However... At the beginning of mandate, we decided to change taxes. After some calculations and monitoring tests, we have started a debate on forum ( A lot of reactions were positive, so we proposed laws:

- ,

- .

Make a profit from MM and organizations

We have worked with 5 organizations. Initial capital allowed us to work with ⅓ of total capacity. Next month we’ll have more money and we expect bigger profit.

We have one more organization, Japanese Imperial Army. JIA org was given to MoD. We have 15 organizations. Some of them wasn’t under our control. At the beginning of mandate we asked Admins for list of organizations, and on that list were 3 organizations which wasn’t under CP/MoF control. So, we asked Admins to give us access to them. They did it very quickly... We found 250.000 CC on 2 of that 3 orgs. Nicks of that organizations are changed not so long ago. CP decided to ‘freeze’ that money and let this ‘problem’ to next Country President.

Provide money to other ministries

Other ministries didn’t used state money for their work.


- Average daily income: 2538

- Average weekly income: 18324.5

- Monthly income: 73298

Spreadsheet - Treasury income


President of eJapan

Minister of Finance
Rik Daphnee

Vice Minister of Finance
Milutin Markovic


C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 2,024, 13:43


Aryzn Day 2,024, 13:57


Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 2,024, 15:34


ardishabutaro Day 2,024, 18:04

Ah, forget to mentioning, that we only have 6 MPP, which is a surplus 13k (73k-60k) from treasury income for next month!

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 2,024, 18:20

Does goverment manage Teishin Shudan Org. too?

ardishabutaro Day 2,024, 23:00

ah, since last update, plato said that all orgs are governmental use, include the private one 🙂

Auraborus Day 2,025, 15:40


Darshu Day 2,026, 01:34

That 250k is mine and you guys are trying to steal it. Putting it in your sheet to try to make you look better will not help. This will have its drawbacks pretty soon.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,026, 03:53

Well, you stole orgs for a months and kept them under your control. And, who gave you a right to change names of organizations? You will need to pay 100 golds for changing names back. (:

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,026, 04:21

And yes, I forgot this..
That org are in sheet just because of evidence. Last month we had ~18k income from orgs, and about ~14 from taxes. That's about ~32k. Gold rate is 225, it means last month we had about 145 golds income.

Geezus Day 2,026, 08:15

If everybody knows that this is not a state money, why is it a problem to give it back to the owner?

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