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[MoF] Evaluation of income and expenses up to day 1864

Day 1,864, 14:51 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

Greetings eBelgium,

This is a report on income and expenses for the last 30 days, from 1834 to 1863 of the New World. We will be comparing figures against the previous period reviewed from 1790 to 1818. This time we will also present some long term charts, providing a view on the last 140 days.

Daily income

Previous income (up to 1818)

Previously we dropped the taxes to promote sales on our small eBe market, we also raised the income tax without a significant impact on the tax revenue, the latest test has been to increase both VAT and import taxes on weapons.

Current daily income (up to 1863)

As you can see, there is no big influence. There was a slimmer of hope that better times were coming with 4 days of increased tax revenue, higher than we have seen in the last 100 days, however the last day again dives to the low daily income we have seen for the last several months. The peak in those four days remains unexplained. Something we keep monitoring.

Long term daily income (last 140 days)

BNA still influences the daily income by purchasing most of its weapons on the eBe market (many thanks to all involved who make this happen, their silent support is greatly appreciated). All BNA purchases are logged by BNA. This chart provides a view on the influence of BNA purchases generating taxes in relation to the daily income:

Also the TW's with eUK play a role, although the exact influence of the TW is unknown. The following graph clearly shows an increase in damage being done during the TW's. However, we do not know if citizens are buying additional weapons, in eBe or abroad, or if they are using their private stocks.

Monthly income

Our monthly income is calculated daily on a rolling 30 day period (sum of latest 30 days of income).

Income was stabilising towards 45K / month, and when BNA started buying finished goods on the local market the income reached 50K / month.

We see an increase, mainly to the few days recently with increased tax revenue. The reason for these four days providing high amount of taxes remains unclear, but considering the last day dropped again, we expect it will stabilise around 55 to maybe 60K, a small increase compared to the previous months.

Long term monthly income (last 140 days)

Expenses and reserves

Although our main expenses remain BNA, BTA and Cit packs, together with MPP expenses, it has to be said that most of these expenses were kept to a minimum under the latest CP term.

The renewal of the MPP's was postponed, as the TW kept going on. This results in less expenses / month for our MPP's 🙂.

BTA, BNA and Cit packs are supplied from the same budget, 250K / month. By introducing a max age for citizens who were eligible for these cit packs, the average number of requests dropped from 25 packs / day, to 7 / day. In addition, each pack was reduced in size to 10 Q6 food, and 2 Q6 weapons. Also BTA and BNA imposed rules on activity, uniforms, and saw some soldiers leave. This resulted in an underspending of the available budget.

The new BNA law started on 1805, with 250K budget / month. For a month we use a 30 day period.
Between 1805 and 1834 the budget consumed was: +- 160K
Between 1835 and 1864 the budget consumed was: +- 100K
This means BNA, BTA and Cit packs together are operating with only half of the foreseen budget. As you may know, the law stipulates that the left over budget of the previous month is subtracted from the funding for the following month, which significantly reduces our expenses.

I wish to thank our BNA/BTA/Cit pack commander(s)/managers for the way they manage the available budget, and the effort they put to buy on our local market stimulating the eBe economy.

Still, dispite all of this, we still spend more than we earn (economy is FUBAR), and we continue to live (a little) of our reserves. It has to be said that reserves are dropping much slower than before, also partly through the increased tax revenue.

Previously (note that the Y axis is cut at 2.3 milion):

Latest 30 days (note that the Y axis is cut at 1.9 milion):

Long term reserves (last 140 days) (note the Y-axis is not cut):

Here we clearly see that reserves are still decreasing, but at a much slower rate than before. Even though the reserves dropped below 2.3 million, the current trend would allow us to last another 11 to 12 months before reaching the legal minimal voted by the state budget law.

Reserves are further negatively influenced by the decreasing gold price, which decreases the value in CC of the reserves which are kept as gold.

Gold prices

With the many celebration actions, no current mapping is made between offers and gold prices. The two main observations were that gold remained suspiciously stable at 390 for a long time, before making a sudden dive to hold again at 350-355. The two small peaks below represent special offers, after which the gold price again stabilizes.

Long term reserves (last 140 days)


All previous loans from active players (both CC and gold loans) have been repaid in the last month. 2 long term outstanding gold loans remain, from dead citizens, and one new loan was granted with the recent TG upgrade promo. Loans currently total for 0 CC and 36 gold, of which 25 gold is due to dead citizens.

Monetary Market

After a lot of debates we started some tests on the MM, to see if we could supplement our tax income. We only started recently, and so far made 3.5K profit (babysteps). We are doing more tests to see how we can optimise this, and will report on that in the future.


Spending has slowed down thanks to carefull BNA management. Tax changes remain minimal due to the low volume of trade on our market. A few days of increased tax revenue seems to have ended again, and tight control on spending is still needed.

However the rate of spending and using our reserves has slowed, and looks to be able to sustain the current spending for up to 12 months. In the mean time we are trying to increase our income by working the MM.

Kind regards,
JdlF, vice-Minister of Finance & SX80, Minister of Finance



Nohjis Day 1,864, 15:02

Nice report. Just a pitty to find out rules are being imposed on BTA members to receive necessary help in those early days.

SX80 Day 1,864, 15:05

For BTA it is a minimum of activity I believe, like at least one day in the last seven days, but the BTA commander can tell you more

BrunoCND Day 1,864, 15:40

Nice report thank you

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,864, 16:16

Perfect report !! Thank you guys !

JdlF Day 1,864, 16:51

I have to say SX80 did a wonderfull job completing my report. The area which is missing is about salaries and industry activity. But the website monitoring it is down 🙁.


Kylero Day 1,864, 17:47

Promising news! A little fiscal responsibility never hurt anyone.

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,865, 23:56

nice report, as usual!!!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,865, 03:21

good report

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,865, 06:00

good job

tommot Day 1,865, 09:39

Thank's for that report.
Very nice and easy to understand(as far as it's possible with numbers : D)

Cotarius Day 1,865, 10:01

God report

Ely.nea Day 1,866, 07:40

thanks nice job !

MCKitkat Day 1,866, 09:01

BTA supplies soldiers depending if they fought or not. Example: If they fight today, they recive supplies in form of 42 q4 food and 2 q6 weapons. The amount of players fighting in the BTA dropped. Usually less than 10 people receive supplies per day : (

FreddeLeGrand Day 1,899, 17:55

Your cat is dead!

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