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[MoEnt] The Great October Meme Competition

Day 2,519, 12:44 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Entertainment

Hi Folks,

So, it’s about time that the lazy Minister of Entertainment gets off his deckchair and does something. HOW ABOUT A COMPETITION.

Make me an eRepublik based meme. Don't steal it. Make it. The winner will make me spill hot soup down by bare chest with topical and humorous originality.

Meme 101
Below is instructions on how to meme. You can find meme maker sites online.

[b}Submission:[/b]Please create your own article with the title "The Great October Meme Competition" and if you're really kind, link it back to this article. Then, post a link to your article in the comment section of this article.

This, is a meme.
I made this.

This is not.
This is not a meme, simply a dashing picture of a young Steve Buscemi


Well, we thought we'd have to dangle some sort of shiny carrot in front of you to make you want to get involved. So the prizes are as followed:

First Prize- 1000cc
Second Prize- 500cc
Third Prize- 350cc
Fourth Prize/The Best Meme involving hotfuz lola - 150cc

I will judge it because I am secretly Judge Judy IRL.

All the best from your friendly Minister of Entertainment,

Minister of Entertainment & Education/ Deputy Minister of Home Affairs



mick cain
mick cain Day 2,519, 13:00


hotfuz Day 2,519, 13:07


Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,519, 15:06

there you go:

please donate any prize to the NHS on my behalf 😃

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