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[MoEd] The Ministry of Defence

Day 2,351, 13:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

The Ministry of Defence
The ministry of defence is in charge of making sure all UK firepower is aimed in the right direction and to inform us if a battle should be ignored or tanked. The ministry also carry out UK wide strikes, when there’s a battle that needs extra attention and damage, and may give out tanks to the people who attend and deal damage.

For the damage to be correctly directed the daily orders and MoD battle priorities should be updated frequently and advertised/spread to the majority of the UK throughout every day. Whether the country president has appointed one or two ministers, this is an area where deputies would come in handy. Another task that the ministry usually look for help with, is the actual supplying of tanks to those who attend and participate in strikes. This would be the easiest way to start off within this ministry and it’s always good to get new faces in!

When a country is a part of an alliance, the ministry of defense has to keep daily contact with the alliance headquarters. This is important to keep up to date with important battles in the alliance and elsewhere. The Minister of Defence also gets in contact with plenty of other nations regarding wars and battles, which makes it a very important part of the government and needs great people to run it. Other than that, being part of this ministry will open the eworld for you.

“The MoD is not just one of the main links to the most active part of the community (the Military community) but also one of the links to other nations. Its one of the things that drive the nation to not just do better but also be better. You get to meet people from all over the world and its that which friendships and alliance can build a solid foundation from.”
NWG - Current Country President, Former Minister of Defence

That’s it for this one, look out for the next coming up!

Best Regards,
Kapten Johnson
co- Minister of Education

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VaultGuy Day 2,351, 16:16

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