[MoED] New Player Pathway

Day 6,035, 02:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

Hello everyone!

We are not offering a classic guide this week, instead we are outlining our New Player Pathway, which shows the approach, incentives, and some sample materials the Ministry of Home Affairs/Education will be using to help new players.

Particular thanks goes to Laskii, Chemical Chaos and St Roar for offering perspectives on what good communications look like when it comes to MoEducation communication.

The New Player pathway

This Pathway guides MoEducation officers as to how to provide assistance to new or returning players. It places emphasis on not overwhelming players with more material then they may wish to read, and discussing what areas of the game they need help with so they can locate the best guide or resource for the individual.

The New Player Pathway is for new registrations and players who have returned to the game. It aims to support them in their first six months with advice and resources, and its ambition is to encourage people to interact with every module of eRepublik.

This approach reflects the fact that eRep is a game of many sides, and rather than suggest there’s only one right way to play we want to help people discover the parts of the game that they enjoy, which we hope will improve the chances of those players sticking around!

The New Player Rewards are paid in addition to any fighting rewards and The Citizen Dividend, which makes up the foundation of all player support in the eUK.

Types of advice offered

Based on feedback and wider discussions with users of these resources, our fundamental approach is to avoid drowning people in information and instead guarantee that questions can be answered at each different player's pace. Some incentives are on offer to encourage people to explore different elements of the game, and guides and resources will be provided to address the areas players want to learn more about.

This will mean starting off with with quick, ‘light’ guides such as:
The eRep Quick Start Guide
The eUK Tutorial

Before addressing specific learning needs across a range of subjects, remaining as succinct as possible. This will draw on resources such as:
The Guide to the Weekly Challenge
The Basic of Owning a Company
And other targeted resources.

Meanwhile assigned Mentors will be checking in with new players and answering any questions, working as a team to get the best examples of comprehensive answers and guides to the players. When any gaps in guides are identified they will fill them!

That lays out our strategy. We have a wide pool of resources to draw on and the feedback from the MoHA team and wider public has been invaluable. If you’re new and reading this, welcome to eRep! Hopefully we haven’t made anything hard for you!

Thanks for reading,
The MoHA-Ed (Ministry of Home Affairs-Education) team.