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[MoE] Soldiers of Honour

Day 1,989, 01:27 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Sparkfyre
A.A fellow citizens & veterans of war! 

We've had an EPIC week of battling (with more still to come!) and it has been totally awesome

I want to simply thank the people who deserve to be mentioned for their endless support and time. The list of our Allies is pretty long and our Thanks to them is endless! 

But besides them our own citizens, who have risen to this occasion with a zest and passion that is unparalleled. It has been an honour to fight and co-ordinate by your side, soldiers! o7

ePakistan did damage that was truly spectacular and all our divisions did a fantastic job!

So besides damage...I want to particularly mention a list of people without whom yesterday's RW and all other battles would not be the success they were.

Mansoor (Pak786) 
Mohammad Bilal 
Faris khawaja 
Syed Taha Wajahat
Shaheer (sso89) 

These citizens, these Heroes, did an amazing job! Showing that in our time of need this group of people showed no bias towards political parties or MUs, but did what needed to be done!

They did it for Pakistan and sometimes we forget that this our goal, not our political skirmishes (amusing as they are!) but for the prosperity of our beloved Nation!

I have mentioned their political alliances below to highlight the variety and also to show it does not take Leaders alone to make a difference but the citizens who support those leaders...

TheCaliph (a DPP member) & Strywgr (PP of VA) have been a great team in leading and organising our teams, ensuring we were supplying continuously, focusing on the correct divisions and buying mercs where necessary!

Thejakal (a DPP member) indiscriminately provided supplies to myself (a DPP member), to PAK786 (a PRF member), to Bilal (a PRF member), to ClusterStorm ( a UPP member), Muz1 (a DPP member) & to Mehmood25 (who has no political alliances what so ever)!

Such a trust is not common, but people like mansoor bhai, mehmood bhai, cluster,  bilal & muz inspire it! They worked through nights and days with a dedication few can rival. Working with them has been more fun than work...good going guys, it was a privilege

A thanks to Arfan who was super helpful with simple things such as wall-watching to more complicated aspects of strategy and co-ordination! Thank you! And to our very own CP-to-be Faris & fantam bhai who both helped in every way they were capable! Excellent work! o7

We also have several new citizens such as flx, taha bhai and shaheer bhai who showed a great deal of activity and promise of becoming productive members of our society! I'm glad to have them in our community and look forward to seeing such passion continue! 

A special mention of WildOwl, who not even being in ePak has shown himself to be a true patriot still, fought for us and provided aid in our co-ordination and intel. Thanks! 

Another war has begun. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield as well as GHQ again...and maybe a few more too! 😉

Congress Member



Muz1 Day 1,989, 01:29

Don't forget yourself. 😉

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 1,989, 01:30

good job everyone o7 nice article sparky

Strywgr Day 1,989, 01:55

o7 minister!

Ahsan Day 1,989, 02:00


Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,989, 02:01

Every One has done good job, especially you

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 1,989, 02:03

You forgot to thank the Commander of the Pakistan Army. He intimidated all of our opponents by joining their channels, swearing and getting banned.

Also, its Wild Owl, not WildOwl.

Strywgr Day 1,990, 03:02

and dude she put our names duurr duuur 🙁 thats not right at all! hamara nam sath hona chaiya ;p

Strywgr Day 1,990, 03:02

& im sad you din noticed that!

somaka Day 1,989, 02:07


ComKar Day 1,989, 02:58

hail Pakistan
It is a team work.....

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,989, 03:00

Hail Sparkfyre !
Great Job Soldiers , you earned !

sso89 Day 1,989, 04:36

Hala sparky, Hala MoE.
I would like to thank u so much for considering me here as i dont think my services to be compared to the seniors... many of the guys even in div 1 r ahead... well, if u think, u might be right... 😛
I would like to thank Sparky, Nyx Lynx, Mansoor (Pak786) and Faris Khwaja for their support n guidance full on during the war as well, where they were having other jobs as well to be done. still they halped me in every aspect of my elife... u guys r awsome... love u mates...
n sparky i owe u a debt now, n hope i would be able to return it in a better way very soon... Thank u again..
Hala Pakistan...!!!

Sparkfyre Day 1,989, 04:46

That's really nice shaheer bhai...but you owe me no debt 🙂. and thanks soo much for the appreciation! It means a lot 😃.

ComKar Day 1,989, 04:49


sso89 Day 1,989, 11:50

yes i do... u'll understand it when i return it...

Izlanfero Day 1,999, 23:05

My sus to your newspaper: 155

My newspaper:

Can you help me to get MMM?

Have a nice day.

Albus Day 1,989, 05:16

Hail Paki Soldiers

Arfan-Khan Day 1,989, 12:38


St0L3n1 Day 1,989, 14:32

eWorld will witness the rise of ePakistan once again

Hail Sparkfyre
Hail NAN
Hail ePakistan Army

ComKar Day 1,989, 21:39


Syed Taha Wajahat
Syed Taha Wajahat Day 1,990, 10:16

OMG!! I am in that list 🙂 Voted.

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 1,990, 19:50

Thank you Sparkfy :>

Hail Pakistan!

pandit rishi
pandit rishi Day 1,990, 22:07

pakistanies are son of bloody swine

Syed Taha Wajahat
Syed Taha Wajahat Day 2,000, 08:29

phattooooooooooo 🙂 🙂 u guys really should buy some ballzz 😛

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