[MoE] It's New Player Friday!

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Ministry of Education- New Player Friday!

My friends,

Welcome to this week’s edition of New Player Friday! Each week the Ministry of Education will be posting an article filled with useful information and fun for the whole country.

For those that don’t know, every Friday anyone that has signed up to the eUK receives a message welcoming them and giving them a few missions to complete in order to earn some cash. This has been working really well so far and has definitely upped our retention rates.

Here are the records for new players that received funding last week. I'll be posting these each week now as a feature of the article! If you think your party or MU has a new player that deserves some funding, get them to PM me!

This will be continuing, with the addition of these articles to help welcome new players into the eUK community at large. One of their missions will be to comment on this article, and I’d like everyone to get involved in welcoming them and getting to know them as and when they do.

We’ll also be posting links to guides and any programs to help new players, like the NHS. If you have a program you’d like us to include then comment below or send us a PM. We’d be delighted to bring attention to any scheme that helps our newer players!

Some of us have been around for a lot longer than these new players, and we’d like to give a couple of incentives to older players to read and participate in these articles too. So with each article there may be games, competitions, challenges and rewards available too. The bigger the buzz and welcome we can create around these articles the better!

Finally, in each article we’ll also be publishing extracts from the UK Tutorial that has been especially developed for our new players here in June 2018. Take a look at it and feel free to suggest any improvements or tweaks you think it might need to enhance our new players’ experience. You may even learn a thing or two!

Thanks for reading. A vote, comment and shout would be greatly appreciated so that all our newer players can see the useful information within.

Talon Karrde
Minister of Education

Your friendly neighbourhood MoE team.

Weekly Tutorial Extract: Day 3! Just click the previous link to see this in all its glory on the wiki.

Weekly Competition:

This week our competition is for the best nickname for an eUK player!! Just comment your effort below (their username and your chosen nickname) and we'll pick a winner, who will get 1000 GBP for their trouble!

All prizes will be distributed on Sunday evening. Good luck punters!

Useful links: Just click to see!

Tinman please check the NHS link, I think it might be correct this time!