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[MOE] A Request, A Glory

Day 2,133, 00:48 Published in India India by Isengard13

POPULATION of Real life India increases by huge numbers every year, and as if te eWorld is a mirror world. but then why does eindia not rise?????????? India has the second largest population in Real Life, and should also have most number of players in this game. The number of people who use internet in India is 3rd largest in the world...then why does the populataion in eindia not rise. It is ministry of Education's earnest request to you all people of india to bring as many players, by spamming games and other sites.

eIndia shall rise, this my announcement on behalf of the Ministry of Education to you people...... No matter what is your post, just invite as many people to eIndia- your friends, relatives, colleagues, and everybody you know.

signing off,

Ministry of Education



HullkZilla Day 2,133, 01:04

Coz economy sux here... 🙁

HullkZilla Day 2,133, 01:04

More than the real world... 😛

JasonNoronha Day 2,134, 06:29

we get 2 health for 23 paise dude! thats like tooo much.. 🙂 but we get 215 INR for 1 gold.. tooo less

HullkZilla Day 2,134, 06:33

LOL.... Chk the salary for a day... 😛

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,133, 10:15

ArjunBima Day 2,134, 00:01

Because about 70 to 80% of internet users are once in a month/week users, Who generally use internet centers.

Ex:- I can say in India we have 6,27,13,680 accounts for face book in which hardly 2,00,000 users login once daily or couple of times a week . Hardly 20,000 people are regular browsers. This game is not as popular as facebook so such low.

In Your country now a days mobile internet is getting high and in coming 3 to 4 years 30 to 40% of people browse there facebook/social sites on there mobile.

So i can bet you by end of 2020 we can have more then 2,00,000 active eindian' s and will occuppy all the ecountries who touched our eindia.

Just keep the hope and call your frnds into the game they might not stay long here now a days but they will come one day back and stay long by seeing the post on face book.

Jai Hind

Strength and Honour

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