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[MoDA Episode IV] A New Hope

Day 2,049, 17:49 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Welcome my fellow South Africans!

Last days were really hot. And I’m not mentioning the weather, but the atmosphere. One does not remember another successful president impeachment. But...

Finally, the impeachment went through and Cody Caine is stepping up to the CP seat strong and running. He released his first article and even the second article - you can see he has a lot of exciting plans in store for this upcoming week (sexy parties!). You can do a lot in a week’s time. From working with Pakistan on through to having numerous sexual affairs. Go Cody Go!

Cody has decided to make a few changes to the cabinet. Some of these are a bit different and might even be shocking. But hey? Who cares! It’s erep, and it’s fun.

Cody collected wiseguys, so for sure they will handle themselves and give their best this week.

Vice President - Irule777
Prime Minister - Lancer450
Minister of Defense - Greekpwner
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Marmaduke IV
Co Minister’s of Education - El Reto and the lovely Mazzy Cat
Minister of Security - LiquidIce
Minister of Scapegoating - Marquis Andras

Times have been rough. People are unhappy. The impeachment clearly says that. 1 week is not enough time to fix things. That does not mean that nothing can be accomplished. A week is plenty of time to start building up connections. Repair broken connections. Reach out to people. Can the lands be gained back? Not that quickly. Can hope and trust be restored? Of course. Connections, friendships, loyalty are everything in this game. That’s where we start. That is what we do with one week.

In this time congress is asked to cooperate with the standing Country President, so that we can make the best of this time frame.

MoE Team

with small assistance of


MazzyCat Day 2,049, 17:58

Meow! ♥

lancer450 Day 2,049, 18:29

Nice job Mazzy, El Reto, and CC! : ) Voted!

Pickn Day 2,049, 18:37


Good work

NightflierDK Day 2,049, 18:55

I wish good luck to all of you in South Africa.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,050, 02:19

si se puede

Nickerball Day 2,050, 04:52


Rexdeus Day 2,050, 16:39


Constantine Sophotatos
Constantine Sophotatos Day 2,050, 22:41

I was hoping to take over the Ministry of Immigrant Curmudgeons, but I was just too bitter to apply for the job.

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