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[MoDA #3] How to: spend gold? - Guide to new and a bit older players. Part 1

Day 2,040, 08:29 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Today second part of how-to guides, and it will be (as the title says) about gold. I've targeted it mostly at younger players, but fell free to browse it anyway, maybe You can use some of my advices too.
I've chopped this article in two parts, to not make it long, unreadable wall of text.
Excuse my latest lack of activity - I'm working nowadays, sometimes even for whole days long.


How to get gold?
If You want to spend it - firstly You must know how to earn it.
They are few ways to get gold.

Medals and level ups.
Each medal You get, gives You 5 golds.

The only exception is BH medal which gives You gold equal to division You are in.

Medals are the easiest and the most popular way to get got. Sometimes they are very hard to get and sometimes You even don't have to make an effort to get some of them.

Did You know?
There is full list of players and their achievements. Here.

Inviting friends
If someone will register from yours reflink - You will get 10% of gold that he earns.
If 10 people will register from Your link and reach 10th level - You will get Society Builder medal.

Monetary Market
Playing on MM (selling currency; buying gold when it's cheap and selling when expensive) can provide You with additional money.
But always remember - You can also loose some money!
On MM You can also simply exchange currency for gold and gold for currency.

And the last (definitely the easiest and the quickest) way to earn as much gold as You want:

How You can spend gold?
The main part comes now. The part that Plato likes most 😃
There are various ways to spend gold. I'll shortly describe every.
- Companies/storage
- Training
- Energy buildings
- Rocket factories

Basically - companies should produce goods which helps us earn money. Formally, now only q7 weapons factories gives us (small but always) chance to earn.
They cost about 680 gold (when promo -45% is active).
As long as economy here don't exist, and companies are very much unprofitable I won't focus on them.

If You want permanent profit with long range vision of return of investment, and You don't have 700 to run q7 company - buy some weapon raw material companies. People with q7's will always need fresh sort of wrm.

My advice?
It's only waste of gold. They won't give You profit, so there is no need to build them.
If You are in very big need of having company:
-Try companies market
-Wait for -45% promo

There are two types of storages - normal and a gold one. Which to buy depends on current gold price.

If You don't have many companies, You also do not need big storage.

What to build? How to earn gold quickly? How to get many medals?
All this in part 2 of this article, coming out soon! 😉

Minister of Domestic Affairs,
El Reto



mpakosh Day 2,040, 09:21


fryderykst Day 2,040, 11:59

"buying gold when it's cheap and selling when exoensive"
"expensive" you meant i think 🙂

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,041, 13:59

Thx, missclick.

Henock Haukongo
Henock Haukongo Day 2,041, 03:13

Man man man man man!! I love this!! i wanted this!!!

You HAVE publish this article every Monday!!!!

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 2,041, 04:04


Pickn Day 2,041, 04:03


kuckuck Day 2,041, 10:09


atrawall Day 2,041, 10:14

This is a WAY better version than what I did. keep it up El Reto!

atrawall Day 2,041, 15:19

Don't "Vote" that, you are supposed to say, "No Claudio, yours was great too!" XD

Pickn Day 2,041, 15:27


LiquidIce Day 2,041, 15:59

I would if I could...

Nice article. Waaaaay beter than Claudio's... 😜 😉

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