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[MoDA #2] How to: Guerrilla Fight

Day 2,030, 17:27 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

Welcome all of You!
As it was said earlier, war is incoming. Enemy doesn't matter, in any case we must be ready for war!
So I decided to make this guide to share my experiences and knowledge to. I was trying to not make it long, but I failed. Please forgive me! 😮

So today I'll put some light on Guerilla Fights (abbr. GF), know also as PvP module.
Also, I don't want to make basic guide, it can be found in-game, on wiki and in many articles. Today, I'll present You my experiences and tactics.

Why I should join GF?
So what GF gives us?
Basically it's provides us with more influence. It gives 10 times of q7 damage when you loose and 20 times q7 hit when you win. So simply it's the best way to deal more and more damage (with slightly higher costs).

What is GF goal?
No, it's not winning.
Really? So what it is? 😮
Your goal in GF is not to loose damage. Why?
Because You can loose few life points and gain damage of 10 q7 hits. Sounds cool, nah?

So, when You know what is Your goal, let's proceed to first step:

What to equip?
Sad truth is that, if You want to have any chances in GF You must buy equipment for gold.
The best combination in my experience is: storm rifle, two golden sniper rifles, and shotgun. In addition, of course, full armour and golden grenades.
This set puts You in good position any time- with it You will be able to fight your enemy in close combat either in far distance fight.
Always check Your equipment before fight!
That mean not only if You got whole armour and all weps, but also do You have all 3 grenades, and do weapons have all bullets.

How to win?
Okay, here goes another sad truth. Guerilla fights are 100% unpredictable. The only thing that decides about winning is luck.
But You are able to help it a little bit with good tactics.
Personally, I'm always starting with sniper rifle equipped. It deals highest amount of damage in one shot. When I know battlefield situation i can always make changes.
In the first turn You should always try to shoot. No matter the distance- shooting in first turn gives us (if luck and Plato helps) small (but very important) advantage.
Don't move.
Okay, so here are few general advices. Now we may proceed to strategy.

If you have larger (larger means for me 2 or 3 bonus damage, sometimes can find a newbie with 0 strength and You get 30 bonus damage, in this case GF is always wis) bonus damage (You can read ab. bonus on wiki, so I wouldn't write anything here) then your opponent (the easiest case):
To win you need simple exchange of fire, so that you could use your advantage turn by turn and gradually get ahead of your opponent. You don`t want to gamble when you are stronger, you only need to consequently make Your lead higher.
Storm rifle is best for that, because it is shot much more times than sniper rifles (which need to be reloaded after every shot), so you will use your bonus damage more times and make bigger lead.
Remember, try not loosing life. Sometimes it takes one shot to win fight.
I'm always smiling when shotgun equipped enemy tries to walk 700 meters distance between us. So I'm shooting once, and I'm letting dance begin, he's going forward, and I'm running backward.

If you have smaller bonus damage then your opponent or your weaker opponent started using grenades
(and You have less life than him):
Well, that's difficult situation.
Your goal is to make opponent miss. If he does, you got the advantage. Simple.

Dodging- key to win

Always buy golden grenades. Always.

Avoid using them too soon in a PvP battle (except in few cases I explained above). There are numerous reasons for that. First of all, you might get lucky and your opponent could miss without you dodging. Second thing, if you save your grenades for the last three rounds, you could turn very nervous and tight finish into an easy victory. And finally, as fight goes on, you get to know your opponent – how he acts, how he thinks. When you know all that, it is much easier to pick a right time for using dodge/grenade option.

You should always wait for your opponent to empty his clip. Only then, when you see him reloading his weapon, then you know the exact number of bullets in his clip, and you could start planing when to use a grenade. Seeing him changing a weapon isn't enough. Many players enter the PvP battles with half-empty clips. That can lead You to situation, when You throw grenade when enemy is reloading. This is wasted grenade- you didn't use your chance make him miss.

Avoid using grenades when your opponent has small hit chance (you should know ideal ranges for all weapons and always estimate your opponents hit chance, based on the distance between the two of you).

How to avoid grenades?
If You move when Your opponent throws a grenade, it only makes 30% of damage (2 instead of 5 or 3 instead of 10).
So if You're sure that enemy will throw a grenade, just move to make his plan fail.
I hope It will help You!
Have a nice day,
Minister of Domestic Affairs,
El Reto


atrawall Day 2,030, 21:02

Good Stuff. I may actually give them a shot now. Thanks for this!

bbumbleBee Day 2,031, 07:50


Pickn Day 2,031, 09:39

Thanks for the tips.

I stopped play GF because each time I fight I lose and enemy get more damage for his side.

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