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[MoDA #1] New beginning

Day 2,027, 14:04 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

I have pleasure to introduce You first MoDA article in this term.
Miyagi gave me this wonderful opportunity to serve and keep You guys informed.
I'll do my best!

Country President elections has ended.

The winner is Miyagiyoda with 81 votes (60.45%). Second place goes to Cody Caine, with 53 votes (39.55%).
Total numer of casted votes is 134, 10 more than last month.
Congrats to new elected president, and best wishes for whole month!
Country President
eSA's cabinet and few words about latest events can be found in the latests CP article
Ministry of Defence

Crucial victory in Queensland!
United forcer of Non-aligned Nations has won very hard fight in Australia, and liberated Queensland from Chile!

Few days ago (in my last article it looked like this):


Hail NaN! o7
Hail Australia! o7
Hail South Africa! o7
Hail Pakistan! o7
Hail Cyprus! o7
Hail Saudi Arabia! o7
Hail Malaysia! o7
Hail Egypt! o7
Hail Philippines! o7

Now, Resistance war in New South Wales has just stared.
For more infos visit or #brostralia (@ Rizon)
Latest orders can be found here
Foreign Affairs
As You could see, Marmaduke IV proposed Brazil as Natural Enemy.

This law was voted down by congress, because it wasn't consulted.
Instead, training war with Brazil will start on 10th of June.
Stay tuned and prepare to hunt BH's, CH's and especially TP and RH medals!
Ministry of Domestic Affairs
To bring some freshness to ministry, I've prepared few different MoDA logos.
You can see them and state Your opinion on forum.

Thanks for reading.
Best regards everyone,
Minister of Domestic Affairs
El Reto


Pickn Day 2,027, 14:30


Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor Day 2,027, 16:16

great work.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,027, 18:32

What makes you think the law was not consulted? It was consulted with those who share the desire to break the Brazilian chains that shackle us and in doing so achieved half the votes of active congressmen.

All that's lacking is a leader with a backbone and at last our greatest crusade shall begin.

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,028, 01:58

It wasn't consulted with all congressman, there was no debate on forum. Nor it was discussed with CP or any other government member.
It isn't also will of society, cause there was no referendum in which someone stated this will.
So, simply, it's only Yours desire to put this law, which means to me that is not consulted.

Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,028, 02:17

I don't think you understand how democracy works. You don't need to discuss a law to put it to vote.

And the fact that we discussed this outside of prying eyes has reason as well. The government (ie, president and his appointed officials) have no inherent right to spy on congressional discussions. Thus is checks and balances and separations of power. When the president serves foreign interests it wouldn't make sense to include him in discussions of toppling foreign interests, would it? The forum, which I do not even have access to, serves as a base for elitist interests.

So while your concern is noted, it is also tossed aside in favor of good old fashioned party politics. I stay on my side of the aisle, you stay on yours.

Anyone who wishes to sit on the side that fights for Dignity should come to our secret hideout. Or just PM me. That works too.

Miyagiyoda Day 2,029, 12:11

It must be why it passed then -- the will of the people.

Rexdeus Day 2,028, 13:33

The fact that almost half voted in favour means congress is opening to the idea. Only a matter of time........

kuckuck Day 2,028, 15:17


Nico Pedretti
Nico Pedretti Day 2,032, 11:31

Who is the MoFA of South Africa? I'm the ambassador of Argentina in South Africa but i don't know how to register in the forum.
I think our relationship is very important, we have an Enemy on common: Brazil (Now we are Natural Enemies, and nearly to start a war against that country and Chile !)

Best regards everyone!

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