[MoD]: Weekly Rewards: Week 6

Day 4,860, 04:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Pilot Rewards

We are pleased to announce the MoD weekly rewards for air fighters. the 6th week edition of the programme.

A quick reminder of the rules:

• We will be paying out 3cc per air kill with the following limitations:
• You get 3cc per air kill, regardless of the battle.
• There will be a cap of 5,000 kills (15,0000 cc) per week for each individual
• Only eUK citizens of level 20 or higher are eligible
• You must do at least 100 kills for the week to qualify

The following pilots fulfilled the requirements and can claim their rewards by commenting below:

Training War Schedule

The training wars of the eUK have seen several changes this week, with the main event being the departure of Romania from the eUK. For their own reasons, eIreland has decided to cross the "red line" and take over east of england. They have brought in their allies, South Africa to the eUK mainland and Finland, whose AS is at present targeted at London. At the present time, diplomatic resolutions to the conflicts have largely been unsuccessful and we should do our best on the battlefield, until our diplomats achieve a breakthrough. Keep an eye on the in-game MoD message thread for daily battle orders.

Everyone is encouraged to cash in on the Battle Hero and Sky Hero medals on the UK side in ANY of our campaigns, but as always please be mindful of pushing walls in campaigns we're supposed to lose. Several battles in foreign lands have also been going empty, on account of the recent bans and you can get your medals in these battles as well in the event no eUK battle is running.