[MoD] The Flying Dutchman - Week 43

Day 4,256, 06:57 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Citizens of the Netherlands,

Just as last week, another round of subsidies from The Flying Dutchman initiative is incoming. The rules for the initiative can be found here.

First of all, we will summarize the sponsorships given during Week 43. 14 players asked for the weekly sponsorship. All details are given in the following weekly sponsorship table (left) and ranking sponsorship table (right):

The weekly kill rewards have been distributed to those eligible players who applied for TFD by commenting below last weeks article.

The Weekly Sponsorship (Week 43)

This week, there is 50 000 currency of Governmental funding, which is distributed amongst the eligible players.

The players eligible in this weeks (week 44) edition of The Flying Dutchman are:

ElGorro, 911mic, Zeeuwsmeisje, odan, Heyleman, Jordic69, BangIades, Chean, iverno, Tkid, mylech, Her Direcktor, Driekske, Zelig, alex-3, doro1, europecrisseswar, imh0tep, Shawtyl0w, Ynotna, MafCeez.

Minister of Defence