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[MoD] Order Day 1848 and Announcement [Updated] [Closed]

Day 1,848, 05:34 Published in Japan Japan by ardishabutaro

All Japanese soldier must follow the orders

High Priority:
Fight for eJapan in Chubu
Fight till the end! For your country and for your True Patriot!

Normal Priority:
Fight for eSerbia in Provence Alpes Azur
After Chubu RW, help eSerbia fight France

Normal Priority:
MPP Battle:
If that 2 of battle is not available, fight for active MPP wars.

High Priority:
Fight for Chile in Cuyo

Fight for ePoland in Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Well, since i am new here, i must to learn more to our National Military Unit: IJA and IMA. Have join both two, and found something interesting in two military unit.

For this month, i set my goal to:
- Evaluate both (IJA and IMA) commanders work.
- Finalize Miltary Charter.
- Hopefully can do supplies for eJapan soldiers.

Your MoD,


Note: Need graphic editor for this article 😃
Note 2: First 10 commenter will get 5 Q5 Weapon (only have Q5 Weapon factory 😛)


ardishabutaro Day 1,848, 05:35

First and Jud rejected here 😛

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,848, 05:41

Finally a sleeping princess woke up.

Or at least lets think it will be daily.
I will try to get you some more "HD" picture because those pixel make my eyes burn : - |

2.D.G Day 1,848, 05:49

Lel @ those orders.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,848, 05:50

Jud. Reactivated.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,848, 06:03

Plain disrespect for someone who wanted to help out when MoD asked...
Next time do not ask for help at all.

Ikari Irial
Ikari Irial Day 1,848, 06:14

Loled so hard.

Necato Day 1,848, 06:18

Haha ! The commander will be evaluated !

Oraizan Day 1,848, 09:14

If anything, enlarge the ministry of defence and take out the odd shapes on the left. Though I don't know why Squibeels weren't kept. They weren't 'wide' but they were actually professional looking and made us look like we weren't the 3rd world country of eRep that we are.

Also, what are you going to 'evaluate' them on?

Yuzuyu Motoki
Yuzuyu Motoki Day 1,848, 11:21


bobbySAURON Day 1,848, 12:24

This is truly unpleasant.

And I second Oraizan on her words.

Also, we want Squiballs back.

Squibeel Day 1,848, 14:44

I offered shabutaro the chance of using them if he wanted. If his problem is "copying" then there's no problem, the images were create by me but for MoD use.

Squibeel Day 1,848, 14:45

And write my name right bobby....sigh.

Auraborus Day 1,848, 15:35

Glad to see orders up and going!

ardishabutaro Day 1,848, 17:52

Come on, guys, why is the picture of MoD became the main problems?

@oraizan: By taking a part in IMA and IJA military unit (now i am in IMA), i want to know how active a commander, 2nd commander, and captain are. And who is the right person in that 2 MU.

@Squibeel: Send you a PM

ardishabutaro Day 1,848, 17:54

Successfully transferred 10 item(s) to Kinjiro Tachibana, 2.D.G, Daisuke Hideyoshi, Ikari Irial, Necato, Oraizan, Yuzuyu Motoki, bobbySAURON, Squibeel, Auraborus.

~Sigh, mistyped 5 to 10 😑"

Oraizan Day 1,848, 20:39

I'm just wondering the criteria you're evalutating them on, not how you will do it. Since we have not much of a military right now, they're basically just making DO's and funding the MU's themselves if anything at all. So I'm curious on what you're looking for from them. Just activity?

Sorry for the image being important, but it was kind of cool to feel like the ministry of defence was looking more professional. Baby steps, I guess.

Nice to see some work from you finally though, good job

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