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[MoD] Day 2185 Battle Priorities

Day 2,184, 03:45 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

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eUK Battle Priorities

Priority 1: Fight for UK in Lapland >

Priority 2: Fight for Argentina in Mid An. >

Priority 3: Fight for Venezuela in PCM >

Mobiles Priority: Fight for Hungary in Dnipro >

Some other news that might interest you...

UK MoD Extra, 4 MORE excellent MU's:

UK CP, mwcerberus on day 6:

No thanks to war with Canada:

MoFA on Finland:

Fight smart

Damage done in a battle that doesn't need it, is damage thrown away. If it is not needed there, fighting there only serves to waste your time and supplies. Try to fight in one of our priority battles which has the damage under 55%. Use your intelligence, if we have three priorities open, fight in the highest priority where your damage is needed.

Keep up to date and the IRC

Please pay attention to the orders in the #MoD channel and/or on this paper.

Use the .uk command to see what our orders are in real time - these come directly from TWO HQ. If they are out of date, our MoD team can update the bot Teh-EvilCode which resides in #MoD also. Type !cb and you should have up to date information.

Direct Link to #MoD on the Rizon IRC channel:
or copy & paste the url:

eUK Forum(s)

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Your Ministry of Defence team
Max Blue, LongShotzZ and Sam010



WookieO Day 2,184, 03:56


mwcerberus Day 2,184, 05:36

tic tac vote that - by presidential order

B O R D O Day 2,184, 06:14


JiminyChristmas Day 2,184, 13:21

Is there actually a plan in place for Trondelag? One minute we're told not to defend it because Latvia will be taking it, the next Latvia have lost Svealand (their only route to Trondelag) and Lithuania are attacking it, potentially putting them between Latvia and Trondelag anyway.

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 2,185, 03:11

As you probably know military situations are always fluid and the plan did change as a result. No sensible MoD/CP/MoFA team will keep plans the same when situations change, but these people can-but-hope to keep up with changing events and react to them. 🙂

Clorofila Day 2,184, 14:01

yes sir o/

Niemand Day 2,185, 00:16


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