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[MoD] Continuation of the Liberation War - המשך מלחמת השחרור [ENG/HEB]

Day 1,923, 02:32 Published in Israel Israel by LETO HQ

Friends allies and eIsraelis,

Today we continue our Liberation War against the Serbian occupiers!

Today we fight for our land and for our honor, to show the Serbs that we won’t go down quietly!

Supplies will be given on #ISR.MoD

This is an official message from the Israeli government, see you on the battlefield!

חברים בעלי ברית וישראלים,

היום אנו ממשיכים את מלחמת השחרור שלנו נגד הכובשים הסרבים!

היום אנו נלחמים על האדמה ועל הכבוד שלנו, כדי להראות לסרבים שלא נכנע ללא קרב!

אספקה לחיילים תינתן ב#ISR.MoD

זו הודעה רשמית מהממשלה הישראלית, נתראה בשדה הקרב!



Asaf1999 Day 1,923, 02:34


Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 1,923, 02:36


danis1982 Day 1,923, 02:37


John TG Day 1,923, 03:52

Comment deleted

John TG
John TG Day 1,923, 03:59

Voted,congrats to everyone!
By the way, i think that we will not have congress even if we liberate Haifa, because as far as i know we have to occupy at least 1 region free until every 23th of the month!

Der Golem
Der Golem Day 1,923, 06:48


449 MAE Air Wing
449 MAE Air Wing Day 1,923, 09:25


MiczuTG Day 1,923, 14:39


Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,923, 16:16

perhaps if you guys would quit wasting your time and efforts on a war that you cannot win without allies and instead use all this effort to help your allies you might eventually get some help from these allies that cannot help you at the moment....

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 1,924, 12:43

You are right, actually. I only hope they would listen to you when you keep trolling...

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,924, 19:11

the problem is "they" dont listen ... "they" already have their own agendas .... it is "you" that are listening and need to help make the change and dont let "they" get in the way of it 🙂

Sicarius Day 1,924, 02:11


ygal perez
ygal perez Day 1,924, 05:09


Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,924, 12:22


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