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[MoD] Choosing the right Military Unit

Day 1,746, 07:40 Published in Belgium Belgium by eBelgium Military

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Citizens of eBelgium:

Have you been wondering which Military Unit (MU) is right for you? What are the benefits of joining a state MU, and what are the requirements? How do you make the wisest choice to advance In your eRepublik career? Here is the information you need to find the right fit!

Belgian Training Academy (BTA)
The Belgian Training Academy is the place for new players. Under the leadership of Yannis, it provides food and weapons for every member who does at least one hit per day, as well as advice and support to help you grow as rapidly as possible. Its members are active fighters, making this the third-ranked national MU, and it contains the bulk of our division 1 players. Whether or not you are interested in a military career, all new eBelgians are advised to start here. When you have reached sufficient strength to move into another MU, advice will be available from your officers to help you make the next step.
Maximum supplies in the BTA are: 42 Q5 Food and 2 Q6 Weapons per soldier per day.

Belgian Civilian Army (BCA)
The Belgian Civilian Army is the largest eBelgian MU in terms of numbers, and the second in terms of number of fights. This is the place for players in division 2 and above who are not interested in an active military involvement but who would like to complete their daily orders in order to get free energy bars and bazookas without further obligations. The current commander is thrasos1996.
No supplies are provided by the BCA.

Belgian National Army (BNA)
The Belgian National Army is the most active MU in eBelgium, and the one that is organized to wield the most influence. Under the leadership of BrunoCND, its 3 regiments, one each for divisions 2, 3 and 4, are composed of active soldiers who are expected to wear a uniform, work in a military commune (when required by the commander), and fight daily to rank up. There are also organized strikes which allow the members to have fun together and receive extra supplies. The BNA supplies Q6 or Q7 weapons to all soldiers who fight, and also supply weapons and food for citizen packs and BTA supplies. The recently disbanded paras strike team has been incorporated into the 1st regiment and continues to increase in strength and to do a high percentage of the daily damages.
Maximum supplies in the BNA are: 10 Q6 tanks per soldier per day in division 2, 6 Q7 tanks per soldier per day in division 3 and 8 Q7 tanks per soldier per day in division 4. Moreover, soldiers get additional Q7 weapons when partecipating in strikes.

There is a place for every citizen in our state MUs. If you are interested in having some serious fun, contact the commander of the one that fits your present level and activity, and enlist today!

Minister of Defence

Requiem Domine
President of eBelgium

Updated in day 1900 by
Tony Clifford
Minister of Defense

vice-Minister of Defense

President of Belgium



Nohjis Day 1,746, 07:45

The military is waiting for YOU ! We want you for eBelgium.

NLSP Day 1,746, 07:45


GSmyrlis Day 1,746, 07:46

o7 voted

Cotarius Day 1,746, 07:54


tommot Day 1,746, 08:37

Very usefull
I will spread this article.

EternalLightStream Day 1,746, 08:46

voted 11.
and if u be kiwis,feel free to enter LightBeings.huehuehuehuehue

BrunoCND Day 1,746, 08:52

Hail our CP 🙂

Left666 Day 1,746, 09:02

What Military Unit can choose a Belgian ? We have no allies to fight in battles : |

Sedem.dva Day 1,746, 09:14

@Left666 - Not sure if serious. Protip -

Anyway, voted.

Misanthropist Day 1,746, 10:55


@Left666: Do your research before commenting.

thedragon Day 1,746, 12:27


Viridi Day 1,746, 14:44

Also are several more MUs...

Ely.nea Day 1,746, 15:03

BTA o/ i remember the begining, i'm proud of this MU. A very nice project in ebelgium

I see now tecuvo 🙂 i'm proud of this guy and sure nice lead : my love Bruno ^_*

Jeiry Day 1,746, 16:45

Nice article Maryam.

Viridi Day 1,746, 21:12

...Good article though. 😛


shadowukcs Day 1,747, 02:40

... OR you can join BAF

MaryamQ Day 1,747, 02:53

This article is about state MUs. There are indeed several private ones, but they will have to make their own case.

Left666 Day 1,747, 07:39

well , now we have allies 😃

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