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[MoCH] Tanabata Day Voting - Free Energy Bars inside

Day 2,077, 05:58 Published in Japan Japan by ardishabutaro

Two days nomination are over, we have a few (enough) of poem, and lets vote for the John Smith's Event: Tanabata Day!

Poem By: Zodiarque
おハートビート、 [O hātobīto] Rhythm of my life,
もう少し続く、 [Mōsukoshi tsudzuku] May you last for a bit more,
わずか数分。[Wazuka sūbun] Even just a breath.

Poem By: Turt037
Here's something on top of my mind:
friends of the present, enemies of the past..
Until the fun si proven to be blind,
don't let this logout to be our last.

Poem By: Kasodani Kyouko
おめぇのフェフェ All your huehuehues
もっと聞かせてよ Let me hear more of those
エコーにする I'll make them echo

Poem By: Cuihao
夏が来た    natsu ga kita     Here comes summer.
蝉ちはどこか  semi-chi wa dokoka  Cicadae go where?
耳の側     mimi no soba     Noise in the ear.

To vote, you can post here:
Voting Thread
or by commenting in this article, by the name you vote for winner.

Remember, the winner got 500 JP¥ from this event 😉

"Free" 5 Energy Bars:
1. Go to this page:
2. Using this code: ERFBOFFER0727, and
3. buy 5 energy bars with 0.1 g

ENJOY!!! \o/

Vote, Shout, and Participate!


ardishabutaro Day 2,077, 06:07

Haruhi approves the tanabata day!

eisenmutter2 Day 2,077, 06:22

vote for engl + romaji version

Hitoyoshi Day 2,077, 06:25

Voted o7

synhro Day 2,077, 06:31


Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 2,077, 07:50


Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 2,077, 13:03


Kyouko Day 2,078, 12:22

It's just Kyouko. No need to get too formal :3

Miyako Yoshika
Miyako Yoshika Day 2,078, 17:26

Your poem was beautiful. In all it's hueness.

Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,078, 18:12

Kyouko was permabanned? 🙁

Kyouko Day 2,079, 05:46

Fixed :3

Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 2,079, 08:09

Oh, I'm glad 🙂

Minami Saki
Minami Saki Day 2,078, 19:41

I like poem of cuihao. It makes me laugh.

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