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[MoCH] Community Day #2: Forever Anime

Day 2,038, 06:19 Published in Japan Japan by ardishabutaro

Prologue: Vote NO to leave alliance, Vote NO for (future) Airstrike Proposal. Maybe we are in high-level drama and shitstorm, but lets forget it for (only) 30 minutes to enjoy the event: Community Day

Since eJapan don't have holiday event for June, We (MoCH team) created this event, called "Community Day". For this event, we celebrate all things that make you love Japan RL, and (maybe) bring you born as (or became) eJapanese.
For this event, we will divide all the love to Japan with 4 main point: Japan Cultural Event, Japan Anime, Japan Girls, and Japan Food.

Event #2: Forever Anime

I would like to give the title: "Forever Otaku". But, as you can see, Otaku is not only reffering to anime, but to everything you addict to. So, i decided to change it to Forever Anime, similar to the topic i bring in today event.
Japan produce the biggest creativity for all time: Anime. More than half of you heard pokemon before, half than you read/watch Dragon Ball back then, and now we still Naruto and Bleach. I join eJapan for my love to Japanese Anime, and i think hundred of you have the same feeling as me.
For this event, we will ask you to guess, which anime are the picture belong (e.g: Naruto, or One Piece, etc). To begin the event, you can click the picture below, or click HERE.
Hint: No Hint, sorry 🙁

1st: 50 Q7 Tanks
2nd: 20 Q7 Tanks
3rd: 10 Q7 Tanks
4-5th: 5 Q7 Tanks
Each question have 1 point cumulative for Grand Prize.
"Forever Anime" event end at June 21st

Culture Live Winner
1st: Cuihao
2nd: Arari Kara
3rd: DreadfulSilence999
4th: Turt037
5th: Zodiarque
(All Prize sent)

Top Scorer
1. Cuihao (8 Point)
2. Arari Kara (8 Point)
3. DreadfulSilence999 (8 Point)
Click this LINK (eJapan forum) for more detail

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ardishabutaro Day 2,038, 06:21

Vote, Shout, Participate!

Pica Lucia Baby
Pica Lucia Baby Day 2,038, 06:36


Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 2,038, 06:53

V+S+will participate

cuihao Day 2,038, 07:35

done.... too difficult this time.

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 2,038, 07:59

really? i only know 3-4... 😃

ardishabutaro Day 2,038, 08:27

really? now i think what i watch is not mainstream at all 😐

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 2,038, 18:08

too hard orz

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 2,038, 08:00

good stuff as always


ahava3233 Day 2,038, 10:26

boated will get this done sometime today

Dreadful Silence
Dreadful Silence Day 2,038, 11:08


mancera Day 2,038, 19:17

I only recognized 3 :v

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 2,039, 01:16


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,039, 04:41

Participate this time. :3

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