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[MoCE] Presentation! Day 1933

Day 1,933, 06:23 Published in Japan Japan by Sir Robin Ibz

Hello everyone in eJapan. This is the first article of the Ministry of Culture and Events of eJapan. On this article I’m going to explain very shortly the activities of this ministry for this month.

First of all, I want to explain why this ministry, even if doesn’t play an active role in our military, economy or politics can be helpful. As everyone knows, this game gives so few options that sometimes it becomes boring. That’s why, this Ministry exists, to bring some fun to our citizens so they get to know the community and keep playing.

That’s why our goal this month is to make at least 2 articles per week, with some games where the eJapanese citizens can get some prizes. We also will keep eJapan’s oldest tradition, the empress day which is the day 15.

We will also add links to any citizen initiative contest and we’re open to any proposal, however keep in mind that some might not be easy to do(Sorry for whoever thought of this, but things like a DotA2 tournament would be hard as we probably can’t even fill 2 teams 😣).

Today’s games are:


This is a game made by a japanese amateur programmer, he got a few flash games in that website which are about dismantling things because they have a bomb inside. In this one, you have to dismantle a can, and then the bomb.

All you have to do is to complete the game and send me in a PM a screenshot where you have a browser tab where it shows your eR nick(click in your profile to get it) and the completed game.

Screenshoot example:

The first 3 persons who send me this in a PM will get 50 Yen. There will be 1 Q7 tank consolation prize for everyone who participates


In this game, you have to link ALL the dots in a closed circuit. keep in mind, that to make it valid, you must link EMPTY DOTS WITH FULL DOTS.


^Like that! But Horizontal, vertical and diagonal allowed!

The 5 first people who complete it and send me it in a PM will get 5 Q7 tanks!

Also give a look to:


Zbrush contest y TamamaNitohei:

That’s all for today!

Sir Robin Ibz
Minister of Culture and Events.



Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,933, 06:23

First Dennied!

Ashfor Day 1,933, 06:58

and the first in the first?

Squibeel Day 1,933, 06:34

Dot Game is so easy it's disappointing. Good luck everyone. Voted.

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,933, 12:23

Example of HOW TO NOT DO it:

Squibeel Day 1,933, 12:35


arhangellord Day 1,933, 06:57


tarasino Day 1,933, 07:05


Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,933, 07:14

Voted! Trying the linking game.

Aryzn Day 1,933, 10:45


ahava3233 Day 1,933, 22:43

Beat both, the linking game is just a pain to do without an actual program. My brain started mixing up the black and white :3.

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