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[Mittekemuis-Garth L]Simple maths

Day 1,870, 12:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by mittekemuis

Good afternoon dear citizens of the eUK, friends and allies!

I’d like to take this opportunity today to clarify a few things about the upcoming CP elections. Those of you that’ve read my prior campaign article will have a fair idea of what I would like to see implemented this coming month, however, before I elaborate any further on my policies I think you deserve an explanation of why I think I have very little chance of winning this election at all 😛.

Let’s take a few things into account here:
-BigAnt is running for another term from UKPP with support from their sister party in NE.
-Beta is running under ESO with One Vision support due to refusing UKRP on their poll due to ‘poor relations’ with their PP and Paymaster, and resultantly has got TUP support to try and oust BA which backfired right before the release of this article because One Vision is supporting BigAnt.
-Naturally I have the Real Spamican’s vote of confidence and the PCP are also currently voting in my favour...although it is really close.

So now what does that bring for the outcome of the next election?
If I stand down you get a race between Beta and BigAnt. Beta stands a bigger chance of winning if I decide not to run, however, this will not resolve the biggest issue the eUK is facing at the moment. The current party war will still be in place and the “we versus them” will be alive more than ever. The one thing I would like to see resolved in the next CP term! Okay I grant you the thought that it is a naive way of thinking. But without idealist to take a stand things would never change.

I am going to ask PCP, TRS and the members of my party to not blindly support me. For obvious reasons UK-Reform can’t revoke its nomination of my CP candidacy or I wouldn’t be able to make a stand but I am asking them to think for themselves. I am not only asking this of the members of my party but I am asking this to all citizens of this country.
Read the ideas the candidates bring forward, judge on past and present activity and don’t just simply cast a vote because someone else says so.

On to what really matters. The things that I would like to see implemented if and when I get to be CP. This will not be your regular 3 or more articles to cover all departments. I am just going to make a summary of the most important changes.

No surprise that I start with my favourite department!

Good diplomacy is crucial for any eCountry! eUnited Kingdom has many neighbours and is also part of an alliance in which a few from our neighbours don’t belong to. This is what makes Foreign Affairs so interesting. Having a team of people who work together, making sure that eUnited Kingdom is being well know and good related to other Nations so in case we have a war on our hands we have friends!
I want to try something new this month regarding our membership in TWO. We badly need people who are more involved and have enough knowledge and connections within the eWorld, so what I am proposing should make it possible.
I want to see a mobile TWO MoFa team. It will consist of 6 players(because TWO has 6 members for now). Each country within TWO will propose one dMoFa who is willing to travel to another country within the alliance and become dMoFa in that country. For example the dMoFa of Serbia becomes a dMoFa in UK while the dMoFa of UK becomes dMoFa in Poland etc...

It is my belief that it will not only do good for strengthening our bonds within TWO, it will also provide these dMoFa’s with an extra advantage for their future political career.

Frerk started the previous month with a good initiative which I would like to see continued. New players who become ambassadors will be provided with a mentor who has contacts within the country he is assigned to. Either that or they get a mentor directly from within the country they are working.

This department is not yet fully back to speed after joining a new alliance. Being in Cabinet this month searching for fighters and supplying made me very much aware of it.
Entering wars needs us to be able to optimise the damage we have within the UK. So the MoD needs to get all MUs involved again. Communication has to improve! I can not say at this point what eUK will be able to do in terms of wars. I can only promise that I will make sure we have plenty of fights and that we will be a worthy member of TWO.
I will however be restoring diplomatic relations with our direct neighbours by closing the Irish Training War as requested to me today by the future CP of eIreland.

When looking for Ministers of Defence I will be looking for people who not only have tactical knowledge but also have diplomatic skills . It is my belief that MoD and MoFa partly do the same thing when working in a war situation. In an ideal setting I would even try and implement the rotation setting that I want to try out on MoFa to MoD as well. But first we need to work on in-UK communication and organisation.

Like I stated in my previous article;
“For the eCountry in general I would like to see either training wars/real wars so that our citizens can grow stronger and get TP medals or see the UK spend money on aid for all citizens. We can only be counted on by our allies if we have enough strong players to win a battle. Although the aid of new citizens is a priority, I do believe we need to look at what we can do to make us stronger as a country too. For that I will need a very creative thinking by the MoF because I do not intend to bankrupt the eUnited Kingdom.”

Therefore I will not be promoting the cutting of even more taxes. On the contrary in fact I may just make them higher again, to be able to pay for it all. That and try a money making scheme again with a few trusted people who have storage and willing to put in a bit of effort every day.

Player retention is the main goal of any Home Affairs Minister. There have been some very good guides written over the past months and they should be reviewed and posted again and again. Maybe it is a bit tedious for older players “who know it all” but we gain new players every day so they should be able to see these articles appear on a regular basis.

Another issue is the implementation of newer players into government jobs. A recurring topic in every manifesto for as long as I am playing. I believe that we can become a much more inclusive community if we simplify how citizens can contribute to their own administration.

Basically, people would sign up to join the government where ministers will post topics with jobs to do and workers freely choose which ones they want and which ones look like they need the most help. As ministers and government changes, so do the jobs, but the workers stay and leave whenever they want. It also promotes a flexible response to the evolving task of government and allows us ordinary players the easiest way to get directly involved!

For the Ministry of legislative affairs I don’t see much work to be honest. It is my belief that the Party Presidents are responsible for the people they put in congress and new proposals originate from within the parties as well most of the time. However some media coverage about new proposals and laws would always be a good thing.

Cabinet should represent the diversity of which the UK exists. Old and young and from as many different parties as possible. I would like to ask you to apply for a job in cabinet. If you think you can be active for a month and you are willing to learn or already have the skills don’t hesitate to contact me!

So this concludes all I have to say. I will take part in the debate scheduled on the 4th on IRC if anyone has any questions.

Yours truly,




Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,870, 12:15

Vote Mitte!

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,870, 12:22

Vote Mitte

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 1,870, 12:23

Good luck mitte. <.3

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,870, 12:29

Good look Mittekemuis

WayneKerr Day 1,870, 12:54

good luck mitte and G

CptChazbeard. Day 1,870, 13:43


Lionbeard Day 1,870, 14:51

You have TRS support?

Good enough for me!

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,870, 15:09

Voted and supported

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,870, 15:35

vote, good luck

Teppishc Day 1,870, 19:45

Good Luck Mitte!

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,872, 00:17

Good luck, Mitte.

Although I don't understand how you can say that Beta being elected won't help the "party war" (keeping in mind that ESO are the only major party not really to be involved in the feud, and that parties from both sides of the feud have registered interest in backing Beta at some point this camoaign), whilst supporting an UKRP candidate apparently *will* help. Perhaps you could go further on how you will help eliminate the divide, as you only brush on this in your manifesto.

HAMlDREZA Day 1,872, 10:27


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