~Mid Term Statement: Tribute to the Deceased and a Happy eBirthday~

Day 365, 22:38 Published in USA USA by Benn Dover

Citizens of the e-world, today is a special day. Today is the day that it all began, the day that everything started to fall together so perfectly to create the spectacular, wonderful world of eRepublik. Today is the 365th day of a combined Beta and V1, a day to be celebrated for years to come. I am proud to say that I have been around for more than eleven of these twelve months. I have made new friends, been important in many lives, and helped make a difference not only in the eUnited States, but in the machine that is eRepublik. If you have not already today, please, look back and think back to the greatest moments of your eLives. Be it the US-Canadian war, the 200+ comment articles with Diarmuid Trelsman, the long nights spent with these new friends trying to take down foreign enemies, or even the celebration of a political step forward, be proud that this website has come from nothing to everything in a year.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of eRepublik, here is a look back in salute to those who have served our country and have since passed away in eRepublik.

Maalygos was, like Platonic and Korbin, one of the first citizens in the eUS. He was not only one of the richest citizens in our country, but one of the top politicians. He ran against Korbin for several terms and, although unsuccessful, can be creditted for starting political competition in our country that carries on even today.

Platonic was the creator of The Illuminati, a political party aimed towards citizens without any interest in politics for the time being. If you can believe it, this party once held party members that included myself, Dish (Pres. of the eUK), and Korbin King. He was among the most intelligent, cynical, and witty people in the game. His writing style was unique, his mind vast, and his ability to persuade divine. Though he hailed from /v/, his actions in the eUS will not be forgotten by those who remember his era.

While many of you have probably heard of him, Nave Saikiliah was one of the best leaders our country has seen. His actions in the first and only war sponsored by the United States were both memorable and prominent in even today's history. His economic policies and growth during his three months of presidency gave our future presidents the precedence it needed in order to grow our country's economy, keep our markets regulated, and our dollar at an appropriate value. He was a charismatic and innovative individual, and a citizen who I am proud to say was my friend.

Many of you won't remember him, but Okin Rebiets was a good friend of Nave's. He too was hilarious, especially in the media. If you have ever see one of his articles then you would know that his creative personality is one that is often too difficult to find in erepublik's society.

Daphne Lilac was one of the funniest women in eUS history. Okay... so maybe the list of wimminz in the US isn't that long, but she's still up there! Daphne was the leader of the Libertarian Party for quite some time. She was very active in the chat, friendly to anybody who was friendly back, and often good for a discussion if she wasn't taking care of her child IRL. I am happy that I still keep in touch with Daphne to this day. She's like a sister to me.

For those of you who were around during the era of the FlashChat, you will remember Diarmuid Trelsman. Diar was one of the originees of the Department of Fun back in Nave's era, titling himself the Little General. He is probably best remembered for spamming articles with fun comments, to the point where the articles were no longer legible. For example: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/contest-results--161092/1

If you remember Diar, then you surely remember Olu Dara. Olu was one of the few black citizens in the history of the eUS (For some reason, they don't stick around very long...). Olu was unique, to say the least, in that he commonly made no sense at all.

Famous Olu quotes:

"Ben I need those questions NOW!!!!!!!!"
"I agree. Read my article"
"TF? f? ? . smh"

Michael Lewis. http://erepublikusa.com/forums/index.php?topic=480.0

Moose (Esoom) was another citizen present in the Flashchat era. He helped the American military get on its feet after Dish did. He was incredibly dedicated in the founding of the country's base, served as the NSC chairman, congress, and Mayor of Austin where America received its first Q4 hospital. Aside from all of this, he was very active in the chat, a journalist, and a great guy to be around.


The reason why I write of these people is to illustrate the point that, no matter what you're good at, no matter what fields you excel in, you can make a difference and be a significant individual in your society. Platonic may have been better known internationally, but even people like Olu can get their voices heard. That is the glory of eRepublik, Rule # 8 and Rule # 1 - Freedom of the Press and Equal Rights.

While this website is celebrating a huge anniversary, our country is going through some difficult times; times that, admitedly, are leaving even myself in a bit of stress. Brazil and Indonesia could attack at any given moment, so be alert every day. Here is a look at what we, as a nation, have done together:

(In no particular order)

- Increased citizenship by over 1200 citizens!
- Set up one of the most efficient cabinets in the world
- Expanded the military by over 500 soldiers (including over 200 army members in the past handful of days) due in part by my recent competition
- Added four brand spankin' new MPPs, with possibly more on the way
- Altered our taxes to fight the current market trends of the eUS
- Developed better relations via ambassadors and article pretaining to that of the South American War, as well as improving our foreign affairs
- Re-Started the economic council
- Organized our congress to the point where there have been zero denied proposals thus far

Here is what you can look forward to in the next two weeks

- Even more soldier recruitment
- Plans for new programs, such as Export License funding and foreign raw material company assistance
- The best war you've ever seen
- Cheaper Q5 food
- Cheaper Q5 weapons (after the war ends)
- Reduced unemployment

I feel as though I have to personally work on communication with certain high figures of mine, leading the economic council, controlling other government programs existent in eRepublik, and building our nation's treasury after this war is over and the USD stops inflating. That said, I would like to announce...

I am running to be re-elected as President of the US. I am not going to post any platform articles yet, especially since congressional voting approaches, but I will say that if elected, I will bring even MORE organization that I brought with me to our country thus far, along with many other things that I will touch on later this month.

It is currently 1:30 AM and I am tired, but before I leave....

Recruitment competition results

Istarian - 106 points
Vladislaus Dragula - 73 points
Moishe - 18 points

To istarian, I give $2500, to Vladislaus Dragula I give $1000 for second prize, and to Moishe, I give $200. If you would like to participate in this event next time, then make sure you get a head start by subscribing to my newspaper.

That is all for now. Americans, again, be patient with regards to war. We will be able to defend in due time.