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[MH] Orders (day 1823) + RESULTS

Day 1,823, 10:21 Published in Slovakia Poland by Kaileene

Fight for Slovakia

Dotacie sa zatial dostavaju nezavisle na avatare ( cize v plnej davke )
You will get tanks no matter of your avatar.

Vzorec/Formula: (hits/10)*2 q7 tanks - special offer 🙂

->Nezabudnite sa prihlasit na minibitku pred bojom a kliknut finish po boji. Otvorene po celu dobu kampane
->Dont forget to join minibattle before fighting and click finish after you are done. Open until end of campaign.


Successfully transferred 20 item(s) to Ludiacus.


Ludiacus Day 1,823, 10:32


Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,823, 13:10


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